7 Things About: One Piece: Pirate Warriors

Maul Squad: I’m a fan of the One Piece series, there, I’ve admitted it. I’ve watched the anime and I currently read the manga weekly when it’s been scanned and translated with many other mangas which I’m in the middle of reading. For anime inspired games, there are a couple of gems in the rough but I don’t really play anime inspired games for the same reason why nobody plays licensed movie games, they’re normally turd (I’m looking at you Gungrave) and only accessible for fans of the series. One Piece: Pirate Warriors falls head first into that category.

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SeanScythe2648d ago

I'm a huge OP fan but the games are just boring, I've never liked the Dynasty Warriors games. I with this was more of an RPG or open world type game. The entire wave after wave after wave of the same things get so boring. I bought the first one but never made it past Choppers arc because I just wasn't having fun anymore.

Ginji2648d ago

Aye i know the feeling. I soldiered through, it gets better but not by much. Funnily enough if you have a PSP you can keep an eye out for One Piece: Romance Dawn which apparantly focuses more on the RPG element.

SeanScythe2648d ago

Oh wouldn't mind that for my PSvita

CrossingEden2647d ago

Pretty weird that AC4 is a better pirate game than a one piece game.

Ginji2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

double post

AceBlazer132647d ago

Is it so much to ask for a good game based on one of my favourite animes?I like the game but I can honestly say if it wasn't based on one piece it would suck to me.

Varzoth2647d ago

I loved this game, though I do agree with all of the negative points about it. The way the awesome story of the series was told in the game was indeed lame, and there were way too many QTEs. I agree though, if not for the One Piece stuff the game would be crap. One Piece is my favorite anime/manga though so I'll gobble up anything to due with it; I only had two coins left before I could platinum this one, and now if they would just lower the price of the second game, I would be all up in that right now.

Ryasha2647d ago

"They have the original Japanese voice actors from the anime with no English language setting in sight (thank god) so for fans of the anime it’ll sit right with them."

....Unless of course fans of the anime also happen to like the English dub.

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