Playstation 3: U.S. Release Date Revision

Here's a revised listing of U.S. release dates for PS3 games announced so far.

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Siesser4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Man, titles like this scare the bageezus out of me: Playstation 3 GAMES Revision is much different than Playstation 3 revision. Anyways, Fight Night's been pushed back to early december, which sucks.

Heavy Rain's now 3rd quarter '08, but I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for that. Project Offset's sometime 2007, which means it IS still being made for ps3 :). Stuntman 2, new Ratchet and Clank, new Jak and Daxter, new Soul Calibur, new Guitar Hero, DMC 4, and new GRADIUS!! all TBA 2007. Eight Days is still in the works, new NBA Street, AC4 (hope they can improve on the environments).

VF5, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, and Burnout 3 are all for March, which kind of sucks, because there's not way I'm buying that many games in a single month. I wish Motorstorm wouldn't launch so close to Burnout, because the latter's still the best racing series in my eyes, and I might not feel the need to purchase the former once I've gotten it. And Def Jam Icon in March too :)

Sadly, Assassin't Creed was moved way back to Q4 '07, and it was supposed to be a January or so release. I can only assume that this is due to the low number of systems that are going to be around then, and their desire to maximize profit and visibility (just look at their interview posted on this site). If the 360 version is NOT pushed back as well, that's gonna be a huge impact for both sides.

THWIP4465d ago

...but I never pay attention to projected release dates.
When a game is said to have "gone gold", and/or it's on the shelf, then I know when I can buy it.
I've been disappointed so many times over the past several years, announcing future release dates is really just pointless.

zypher4465d ago

i guess it just depends on when you're talking about. i mean, at this point it's obvious that such games as Resistance, FNR3, F.E.A.R. etc. will be released around their projected release dates. but with games further out, such as Assassins Creed, MGS4, and even to closer future releases like Lair, Motorstorm, Burnout 5 it's a bit harder to be certain. the general rule of thumb is that if a game is SUPER HUGE (the Halos', the GTAs', the MGS', the FFs', the Gran Turismos', the GOWs' etc.) then chances are you'll be seeing multiple delays, hence this release-date revision.

THWIP4465d ago

...ANYTHING can's largely up to the publisher when/if a game gets released, REGARDLESS of whether or not it's 100% done. I certainly wouldn't bet on Oblivion making it's release date, given Bethesda's track record.

But yeah, some things are easier to I said, gold status is a good indicator. But look at how many games get delayed, sometimes more than once...only to end up being a disappointment anyway. THAT'S the real problem I have with it. Sometimes, rather than release a pile of crap, it's best to just scrap a title altogether (like Starcraft Ghost and Frame City Killer).

LiquifiedArt4465d ago

(the Halos', the GTAs', the MGS', the FFs', the Gran Turismos', the GOWs' etc.)

first of all get the GOW bullSh#t outta there. You cant give something "Legendary Status" when it hasnt proven [email protected] This same mentality is the way the media takes a young person brain and twists it to what they want them to believe, its called "MARKETING" Stop falling for it, Grow up.

zypher4465d ago

i didn't say that GOW was "Legendary Status". i said it was HUGE. there's a difference. Microsoft and Epic have poured tons of money into the production and marketing of GOW. the 360's fanbase is awaiting the game probably just as much as Halo 3. it is perhaps the 360's most important game (not best, but important); thus it is HUGE.

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kmis874465d ago

Looks like they pushed back FEAR and Rainbow 6 from the launch. It's a good sign that Ubisoft and Vivendi aren't going to release the games on time with the 360 ones if they would just end up being inferior versions. Just wish I didn't have to wait for Rainbow 6 (I've been playing FEAR for a year now, Yay Pc Gaming).

I just wish they hadn't delayed Motorstorm. I was hoping to see that in December. Q1 '07 looks stacked though. Another big question: Will Killzone hit next year?

Siesser4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I doubt Killzone's coming out next year; especially since there hasn't been a single bit of word on it in almost 2 years now. Then again, perhaps they're just laying low. And I don't see the "Naught Dog Untitled Project" on the list; that's a title I've been looking forward to, given how little info was released. Hopefully it and 8 Days can live up to their respective trailers.

THWIP4465d ago

...because it comes out for the 360 TODAY. It has nothing to do with whether or not it would be "inferior" on the PS3 (although it likely will be, based on similar games comparisons).

MS7XWDC4465d ago


December 01,2006 Formula One Championship Edition [JA]

THWIP4465d ago

1.) It's Ubi...they go multiplatform as much as EA.

2.) GRAW was on the PS2, so it only makes sense for the next one to be on PS3

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