Is this the worst boss battle in a game ever?

Green and mean this turtles ain't.


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kB02653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

what the hell was this?

Relientk772653d ago

After watching the video I thought the same thing

kB02653d ago

This better not be the TMNT I pre ordered for 3Ds...if it is, I'm busting out my snes and trying not to shit all over TMNT like these companies are...

Wow, this is terrible... I remember people use to think the new TMNT games of the early 2000s were bad (nexus etc), but these make those look like 90+ games!

This is unbelievable as a final product, barely an Alpha even...

BozoLoco2653d ago

It is the same TMNT for 3DS. This is the 360 version.

RavageX2653d ago

Those definitely aren't the turtles I grew up with....(that's a bad thing)

The game itself looks pathetic.

InTheLab2653d ago

The show is actually the best version of any of the animated cartoons. This game might be crap but the show is outstanding.

And this is coming from a fan of the original comic

RavageX2653d ago

Outstanding how? Story-wise? I am simply going by appearance from the video.

The show could be good, I admit that I haven't seen it, but I have my doubts.

Not saying I'd never give it a chance, I would.

InTheLab2652d ago

The story is fantastic but the real star is the incredible voice work from the cast which was assembled by the great Andrea Romano (Just about every bit of DC animation).

The show is like a mixture of the 80's turtles and the original comic except it's not just a show made to sell toys like the 80's show and has plenty of humor, unlike the comics.

TheFirstClassic2653d ago

Worst boss battles ever are the zelda cdi boss battles.

TheGrimReaper00112653d ago

Quotes are timesless though XP
"You dare bring light into my lair? You must DIE!"
"Join me Link, and I'll make your face the greatest in Corredai, or else you will DIE!"
O god, so dumb XD

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