PlayStation Store Preview – October 15th, 2013

This week, God of War: Ascension finally makes its way to the PlayStation Store for digital download as one massive download. The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games is this week’s new and noteworthy title. - PSLS

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boneso821857d ago

The free psplus games on the EU store always seem to be ahead of the US, on the 23rd Oct we get metal gear rising revengeance and remember me, both came out this year, remember me was released in June! Good job Sony, keep the freebies coming...

sincitysir11857d ago

This is exactly why I made a eu account and bought a psn card on eBay. Just need a bigger hard drive! Now I have NA + and eu+ and I never miss out!

boneso821857d ago

I was thinking of making a US account but I'm a bit of a trophy whore lol.

Kingdoms of Amalur which I think your getting over there this month or next was available on the EU store in June or July I think. Not sure why it works like that, obviously some funding/licensing issue. We have already had assassins creed 3, far cry 3, NFS most wanted, too many to list, I love ps+, best investment I have ever made in gaming!

sincitysir11857d ago

Just so u know u can earn trophies! I download the games in my eu account and switch over to my NA account and the games are there! I have all my trophies on my NA account! So download NA games in ur NA account and switch to ur eu account and start the game! The trophies will show up on ur eu account =]

sandman2241857d ago

What happened to the last of us dlc?

fenome1857d ago

If you're talking about the single player dlc, unfortunately we're gonna have to wait till december :(

sandman2241856d ago

No, I was talking about the multiplayer dlc. It comes out today, they didn't list it on here.

e-p-ayeaH1857d ago

Pacific Rim game is such a disapointment...

boneso821857d ago

Did you expect it to be decent? It's a movie tie-in... Same old...

e-p-ayeaH1857d ago

i wanted it to be a little better that´s all.

WeAreLegion1857d ago

No horror game sale in October? I thought they WANTED us to spend money this month.