JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Devs “Upset” By Fan Reaction To Micro-Transactions

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle team is “upset” by the response to the game’s controversial micro-transaction system, and will make adjustments, the game’s developers shared with Siliconera.

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jc485732848d ago

rarely do I hear how Japanese consumers respond to micro transactions.

tarbis2847d ago

They shouldn't have done that. If they have offered alternate costumes instead. I'm sure that will be more well received.

grimmweisse2847d ago

Then don't put some BS micro-transaction system in a full retail product! I am glad fans were angry and annoyed!

specialguest2847d ago

Wow, that game playtime limit is complete b/s especially for the fact that its not a f2p game. Then they have the nerve to imply that it's part of the gameplay design which benifits the gamer because it makes to the game longer lasting? Paid games should never have a mechanism that forces you to wait before you get to play again. That's just low.

crazysammy2847d ago

Classic. We are mad at YOU because you got mad at US for doing something you didn't like!

Seriously though companies are starting to realize that you cannot keep pushing the boundaries of decency when it comes to these type of games/transactions. We can only be pushed so far and in this industry there are oft not second chances to get your customers back.

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