Focus your Home on the new Humble Bundle

Focus Home Interactive, who Game-Modo recently described as a dark horse in publishing, have just got involved in a new Humble Bundle. They’re offering eight quality games for you to buy in a bundle while letting you do your bit for charity.

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MadLad3404d ago

I grabbed it. I was interested enough already to try out the Game of Thrones . . .game (though I hear it is less than great).
Already owned Divinity 2, though that game is fantastic in itself.
Cities, Game of Thrones and Testament of Sherlock Holmes was worth the $25 I spent either way. Some of the other games seem interesting enough and I will probably get to them in time.

Dasteru3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I bought it just for div 2, great game. The rest will just be icing if they turn out to be good, haven't got around to playing any yet as i'm in the middle of another play through of Oblivion lol.