Hilarious things happen when video-game physics go wrong – part 3

DSOGaming: "You've got to admit that you really can't stop laughing when the video game physics engines go wrong. A couple of days ago, one of my friends shared the weirdest and 'fail-est' Fifa 14 video I've ever seen. Instead of simply presenting you that video, though, I decided to gather some from the latest games that will make you wonder what the F has just happened."

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malokevi1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

*cue hilarious scoobydoo going in/out of many doors slash penguins falling over music*

Ah, here we go! :D

And the simpsons...

-Gespenst-1833d ago

I still remember playing what I think was the demo of Fight Night Round 4, and at one point during a fight, both the dudes just took off and I swear to god they were soaring around the ring like it was peter pan or something. It was genuinely like something out of a Disney film. It was also kind of synchronised; they'd fly around the ring in a circle sort of following each other back and forth.

Easily one of the most insane glitches ever, and even funnier because it was boxing.