New PS4 advertising campaign? Sony registers, domains

It looks like Sony may be launching a new advertising campaign for the PS4 as the November 2013 launch date of its next-generation console fast approaches. Two new domain registrations hint at something in the pipeline. According to WHOIS records, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC registered the names and

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logan_izer101834d ago

would be cool if greatness exchange would be a service where you send in physical copies of old games and get them free on Gaikai

kazuma9991834d ago

They so should XD i got like hundreds of ps2 and ps1 games and some ps3

Majin-vegeta1834d ago

I would never trade in any my games.They hold to much sentimental value and I will be passing them down to my nephews as they get older.

GraveLord1834d ago

Nope. Most likely it has something to do with the trophy thing they tried a few months ago. Use your trophies to bid for real world prizes.

RadioActiveTwinky1834d ago

Gaikai doesn't work like that. It is a streaming service like Netflix. You dont get to keep the titles. They are streamed to your console like movies are from netflix. We still dont know if it will be part of psn+ or if it will be a separate service altogether.

Eonjay1834d ago

I'm thinking it is a separate service but it is integrated into PSN somehow at the most basic level; like authentication.

SirBradders1833d ago

I reckon you pop your ps3 disc in and somehow it recognises it and then streams it. Im no expert but maybe just maybe lol.

nukeitall1833d ago

It's most definitely going to be a separate service. Think how much it cost Netflix to stream content to you, then think how much more costly Gakai's hardware is.

There is going to be a fee, most certainly.

There is a reason why OnLive went do do i.e. bankrupt.

RadioActiveTwinky1833d ago

That is not how it works. That would be like you having to play your dvd or blue-ray to watch a movie through netflix.

please read the FAQ.

RadioActiveTwinky1833d ago


OnLive went bank because they actually tried doing way beyond Sony is trying to do. OnLive tried streaming different kinds of games. Not just one particular product. They also were trying something new. Like Nokia did with the N-Gage.
OnLive was also competing with Micro, Sony, Nintendo as well.
We dont know how it will be incorporated but the fact is that it is coming next year. Only then will we actually know.
If it works great that just means Sony has another one up over Micro and nintendo at the moment. Live with it bro.
Stop being a freaking Fan-boy.

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phantomexe1834d ago

You would trade a physical copy old or not for a digital copy? The day games go all digital is a day i stop gameing. Physical is always better.

prodg521834d ago

It should be possible for them to do something like VUDU's disk to digital program.

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jlo1833d ago

Apparently they've also registered and

nukeitall1833d ago


did anyone register yet?

blackblades1833d ago

They also register a rewards site a couple months ago.