PlayStation 4 & AMD Radeon R9 290X GPU share the same 8 ACE ( Asynchronous Compute Engines )

Newly leaked slides from AMD's new Radeon R9 290X Hawaii GPU reveals that the Volcanic Islands GPU will also feature 8 Asynchronous Compute Engines much like the Liverpool GPU inside of Sony's new PS4.

Each of the 8 ACE's can manage up to 8 compute queues for a total of 64 compute commands, in comparison the HD 7970 only has 2 ACE's that could only queue 2 compute commands for a total of 4 & the Xbox One only has 2 ACE's but they also manage up to 8 compute queues for a total of 16 compute queues.

Could this mean that the PS4's GPU is also apart of AMD's Volcanic Islands family?

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M-M3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

"Could this mean that the PS4's GPU is also apart of AMD's Volcanic Islands family?"

Of course, Sony is part of the HSA Foundation.

thereapersson3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

When Sony said custom architecture, they weren't kidding.

"Can saturate PCIe 3.0 x16 bus bandwidth"

mewhy323872d ago

Wow. It's already common knowledge that the PS4 is the most powerful console ever conceived. The GPU in the PS4 is leaps and bounds above any other console on the market or coming to the market.

DomceM3872d ago

not as good as highest end steambox. sorry.

XB1_PS43872d ago

@DomceM "good" is not the right word. Ps4 will not be as "powerful", but it will most likely be better.

Benjammin253872d ago

@DomceM Doesn't cost over a grand like a high end steam box.

nunley333872d ago

@DomceM The steam box also isn't a console either, its still a small form pc that hooks up to your tv.

Eonjay3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

This was actually old news. It basically means that in addition to having more raw power in Flops, it can also do more compute calculation per cycle (physics,ect) by a factor of 4 than the Xbox One. When we say the PS4 is more powerful, its not a fanboy thing... its a physics thing. I am not paying 20% more to get 1/4 the compute ability of a cheaper machine...

GraveLord3872d ago Show
gaffyh3872d ago

Saw this on Neogaf which I found interesting, this is just about the GPU though:

1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
768 Shaders
48 Texture units
2 ACE/ 16 queues

1.84TF GPU (18 CUs) for games + 56%
1152 Shaders +50%
72 Texture units +50%
32 ROPS + 100%
8 ACE/64 queues +300%

This was posted a while ago, so it looks like the rumoured specs are accurate.

darthv723872d ago

@gravelord...nobody ever thought that. in fact, fans on both sides knew neither system was using-off-the-shelf parts.

P0werVR3872d ago

...This is an astute observation, but come on fellas. Please don't run with this, you'll just look embarrassed at the end. Just like Xbox fanboy with his "insider" conversations.

Just wait until it comes DIRECTLY from Sony. So volcanic family?! NO! Asychronous Compute Engines?! YES!

osprey193872d ago

@mewhy32. Did u not read the article? The article says it has the same specs (at least in this regard) as the xbox one.

DigitallyAfflicted3872d ago

Yeah baby bring it on sumo power :)

dantesparda3872d ago

Question, how do we know that the PS4 has 8 ACE's with 8 compute queues? Sony isnt talking (which is really annoying me), heck we dont even know what the CPU speed is (everyone just assumes 1.6ghz becuase of the VGleaks)

saber000053872d ago

Did DomceM just created the Steam Fanboy club? Ohh... My...

Eonjay3872d ago

@dantesparda This isn't really new. Its been talked about for months. Remember all Mark Cerny's interviews where he says that the power Compute will be unlocked in about 2 years? Yeah it was stated back then that the GPU contains 8 ACE's. Thats where you get the GPGPU stuff from. The X1 also has ACEs that will be used for physics and what not, the PS4 just has 400% more.

The Killer3872d ago

PS4 is the most powerful console but not PC.

yes in the future or even maybe current times, there exist better GPUs than ps4, BUT at what cost?

how much will it cost us to have a new PC which has the same GPU and CPU throughput power? i doubt it will be anything less than a $1000 USD.

Plus, the console graphics can be fully optimized with time! so it gets only better within the first 3-4 years into the console life cycle.

if anyone can tell me if there is a PC right now that costs $400 USD and has the same power as ps4 then please let me know.

dantesparda3872d ago


Thanks, i hope you're right

thereapersson3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

@gravelord...nobody ever thought that. in fact, fans on both sides knew neither system was using-off-the-shelf parts.


Actually that is a common point used by most PC fans and some Xbox fans. Pay more attention and you'll see it on comment forums all over the net.

juggulator3872d ago


Mark Cerny confirmed it. He helped design the PS4's architecture.

Linwelin3872d ago

@nunley33 isn't that what the PS4 and XBone do ? running on similar hardware too, i fail to see the difference here, and steam has its own OS just like the other consoles.

MarkusMcNugen3872d ago

@Benjammin25 and @nunley33

A stand-alone computer running a specialized OS specifically designed for entertainment and video games... what would you call that? Perhaps, a console. If you want to call the steambox a PC then so is the PS4 and the Xbox One, especially now that they share the same x86 architecture with PCs. And price doesnt matter, Sonys claim was that the PS4 was the most powerful console, unfortunately Valve's Steambox has now taken that claim away from Sony.

Eonjay3872d ago

@MarkusMcNugen its a PC. The parts are interchangeable with off the shelf parts. The term console indicate a closed systems. Like a PC or laptop, you can upgrade the Ram, and GPU of any SteamBox. It is essentially a PC. The Piston can however be considered a console because it is non-upgradeable.

AndrewLB3871d ago

The weakest steambox is more powerful than PS4. Get your facts straight