Elveon alive and coming to PS3?

PSU writes: "Haven't heard of the the elvish action-epic Elveon? It would be surprising, with the latest news coming straight from 2006. Additionally, this Unreal Engine 3 powered title was originally scheduled to release only on Xbox 360 and PC, leaving Sony's console in the dust.

Contrary to popular belief, Elveon hasn't been canned. You see, 10TACLE's stock value dropped from nearly 15€ to 2€, causing them to cut 25% of their work force. This staff slimming included 10TACLE Bratislava, the original Elveon development team. As a result, the project's reins have been handed to Climax, developer of such titles Silent Hill Origins and Viva Piñata for Windows.

On their official site's homepage, there is an image of Elveon with the header "New 360/PS3 Project."

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SUP3R3836d ago

Yeah this one had me confused when I saw the gameplay video earlier this week sporting the 360, PC & PS3 as its' platforms.
I remember seeing many a 360 list highlighting this game as an exclusive for the system, so it kinda shocked me when I saw that.

Apart from that I'm still not completely sold on this game nor am I remotely interested at this point.
They've got to dish out some more tech and story info.

sonarus3836d ago

Well looks like 360 is losing exclusives fast:D

Lol this really isn't a big deal. Didn't even know this game existed

Lord Anubis3836d ago

i remember the game was canceled for the PS3 a long time ago. Who knows.

St03836d ago

Looks like a crap PC game imo

3836d ago
heyheyhey3836d ago

fuking hopefully

i saw a trailer on a PS mag disk, and i was impressed

then i saw gameplay footage, and i was impressed

then i found out it had been cancelled for the PS3, and i was pissed

i was setting myself up to get it on PC, but id rather get it on PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.