The PS4 Adds Another MMORPG to its Library: Onigiri

Cyberstep announced today that the free to play MMORPG Onigiri will be heading to the PS4 in addition to the previously announced PC version.

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GraveLord1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Hopefully there is some sort of quality control.

EDIT: I actually got disagrees? So you want there to be a ton of shitty games on the Playstation Store? I'm not saying this game is shitty, I'm just saying that the more F2P games there are on there, the harder it is to find the good ones. I guess its just up to Sony to weed out the bad apples with good filters and sorting options.

Abriael1837d ago

Sure. It's called "customers". If a game isn't good, they won't play it.

xKugo1837d ago

Onigiri is romaji Ninhonjin for "rice-cake". It doesn't mean customers, lmao. I would know because I'm Japanese, so idk where you got that from. o_O

Abriael1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

xKugo: i meant the "quality control" he was talking about is called "customers". So if games aren't good, they simply won't play them. It was a pun.

The game's title is actually a word play between the rice balls and the kanji for "cutting demons" :D

Kanako1837d ago

Doesn't Nihonjin mean Japanese person? Don't you mean Nihongo, the Japanese language?

kazuma9991837d ago

LOL game isnt even out for pc yet >.>

tulholdren1837d ago

More MMORPG action need to see what this is all about. Liking the RPG love this time Sony.

GirlOnFire1837d ago

Looking forward on this title. I heard english isn't out of question. Yay ^~^ !!

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