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Technologically a step forward, but gameplay-wise it is a regression. Bag of Games writes that Quantic Dream's latest game aims to further merge the gap between video games and film.

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ryandebraal1932d ago

I wanted this to be so much more... At least Last of Us has Ellen Page too ^^

MkaY1932d ago

I've played 4h and so far the game has been very good! If you liked Heavy Rain, you'll like this too.

Don't expect too much of that "game aspect". This is an experience that delivers a story. The gaming part is little bit.. missing.

kratoz12091932d ago

This is the only game that my Girlfriend will actually sit down and play it with me.

SonyNGP1932d ago

Maybe she got jealous cause the game was holding your hand a lot more than she does xD

MkaY1932d ago

I like that they took into development the fact that they knew Heavy Rain was many times played with a friend (or beloved). :)

WitWolfy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I like this game, but it feels like a step back from what we got from Heavy Rain story wise... Here its like past, present and future.. Past, present and future.. THE WHOLE TIME!!! No consistency!!

memots1932d ago

Then lesson is .... Don't try to make original game.

Summons751932d ago

Yeah! All other games should be canceled and the only game should be call of duty! Zero story, minimal devopment time, and gameplay so simple you'd think it was a Facebook game like angry birds and candy crush! Screw originality, garbage sequels and rehashes forever!!!!!

But seriously, gtfo troll. Doesn't school start in like an hour?

memots1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

dude calm down. I was being sarcastic. I want variety i am getting tired of the same games over and over and over again.

I am glad he made this game and cannot wait to play it.

And no school doesn't not start in 1 hour, I work night shift for 2 weeks and i browse a lot, lol

GameCents1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

...that isn't very good. Fixed that for you

Plenty of original games have gotten great reviews, off the top of my head, Heavy Rain.

Donnieboi1931d ago

Just because a game is "original", doesn't automatically make it good. Only hipsters put a correlation like that together.

Note: I haven't played Beyond, so my comment isn't a stab at that game, but I'm generally saying that about all games. Original games need to also be GOOD games if they are to leave a positive impression.

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