Building Character: William Redmoor

oprainfall writes:

"When I was tasked with coming up with a character to focus on for our October Building Character theme of “Survival Horror Protagonists,” I spent a good amount of brainpower deciding which one. Initially, I was going to go with a character from the Resident Evil series; but then I realized that most of those are generic cookie-cutter action stereotypes. I considered doing a character from Dead Space Extraction, but despite the awesome narrative, none of those really appealed to me. I wanted to not only use an interesting protagonist, but one whose story is as gripping as it is mysterious. After all, most true horror stems from not knowing what is going on and what nightmares are creeping in the shadows, ready to pounce. With that in mind, it was an easy choice to select William Redmoor of Dementium fame."

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