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TomShoe1835d ago

Nice. Now if only I could get the beta on my PS3...

It keeps downloading the game then saying the data is corrupted T_T

Idba1835d ago

Have you tried to not download in the background?

thechosenone1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

^^^ This.

I'm not really feeling the gameplay at all. Looks like Sony made the right decision backing Destiny over BF4.

dcj05241834d ago

More of a prefrence than anything. I'm getting both.

Neonridr1835d ago

Oh google translate, you make reading articles like this quite fun.. :P

Fishy Fingers1835d ago

New map would be nice, tend to play these betas so much I either get sick to death of the map in the retail build or it's my preferred map as I know how to get the big points (Operation Metro).

Still, I'll give this a go later :)

bigboss19901835d ago

Never played battlefield before I find this to be much better than cod maps are huge lol