Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition Released

343 Industries with Microsoft have released a Game of the Year Edition for Halo 4 for just $39.99! All details and trailer are in this article.

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Goku7811838d ago

More Halo! There's nothing people who play video games could want more.

lastofgen1838d ago

I'd consider getting it if I already didn't have all the dlc's for the game.

grifter0241838d ago

I got back onto Halo this past weekend. Even with this the game is practically dead. Almost every hopper outside of BTB is below 500 players at any given time. I just don't understand the point of releases this when the game is on it's last legs which is sad to say when Halo 1,2 and 3 had such long life spans online.

Also what is with microsoft being greedy as hell that they don't discount DLC after a certain point in time? Halo 2 had better maps than either Halo:Reach and Halo 4 had combined and after a few months it would be FREE to download them. Now I can go onto Reach and it's DLC is still 10$. please.

georgenancy1838d ago

wait how did halo 4 get game of the year?

LAWSON721838d ago

... And not a shit was givin. In other news Halo 3 is free later this month! (Maybe I will find a game in something other than social slayer

grifter0241837d ago

Lot's of people still play Halo 3. It's easy to find games...I find one every 1-4 mins depending on playlist

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