Where’s My Sequel? – Jade Empire

GI - "When BioWare was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2007, many wondered what would happen to the popular Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series. I’ve been a huge fan of the developer since playing KOTOR, and I was confident that BioWare’s juggernaut franchises would be handled well."

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OrangePowerz1838d ago

Probably not high profile enough for EA, I would love to see a new Jade Empire game.

camel_toad1838d ago

I really liked Jade Empire but regarding a sequel - does anyone know if they original sold well? I seem to remember it getting great reviews but sequels always depend on sales.

Software_Lover1838d ago

I still have my Xbox special edition case. I also have it on steam.

A console generation where storytelling was top notch and the games were great, and priced well lol. We have drifted so far.

Pintheshadows1838d ago

Everyone has been screaming for this for a while but under EA's wing I don't see it happening, although maybe with Mirror's Edge 2 there is hope.

dktxx21838d ago

Under Ea's wing we're not seeing anything from Bioware but Mass Effect and Dragon Age games.