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It’s quiet and unassuming but the share button, and what lies behind it, will define this generation.

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1931d ago
rambi801931d ago

i would have loved a quicksave button more

KwietStorm1931d ago

I know you're inferring PC gaming, but I thunk that would be a little redundant, having a dedicated button on the controller.

rambi801931d ago

There are a lot of ps3 games that allow you to save anywhere, hopefully that can be standard next gen. So i would love a dedicated button for it rather than having to go into a menu.

I would use it a lot more than a share button.

FamilyGuy1931d ago

... A dev could easily map the click-able touch pad as a "quick save" button.

Jaqen_Hghar1931d ago

GTA5 needs a PS4 port just so a man can share all his awesome escapes and crazy crashes. A man pleads that the gaming community not share every little kill or story moment. Please gamers a man call to all of you only share experiences that are unique to YOUR PLAYTHROUGH! No one wants to see how you got a headshot like 50,000 other people that day. No one wants to see how you followed the QTE like everyone else or won that race like everyone else. We should only share things that are truly unique like how a man escaped the police in GTA by barrel rolling down a mountain side for miles in a wicked crash. Or the time a man escaped in a garbage truck by plunging into a river and emerging on the other side with just enough momentum watching all the police sink.

Blachek1931d ago

This share button will totally inundate us with 10 more shitty video's of people who think that what they have "done" "found" or "glitched" is in any way unique or impressive to every 1 video of truly interesting game play or commentary.

Drop the share button and do the gaming community a favor. It's one barrier to entry I don't mind existing.

Mikelarry1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@blachek but you are not forced to watch the videos, its not like you switch on your ps4 and it auto boots the videos. you have to browse to them, ignoring the title and pressing play.

i don't mind it, will i use this feature maybe. if this was not added and the xbox one did gamers will be up in arms. its a feature that is not forced you dont have to use it if its not for you.

Blachek1930d ago

You are right, i don't need to watch them. But I do appreciate unique gameplay captures and great commentary that can be funny and if we have more uploads the likely hood of me finding great stuff is reduced...

But I suppose it's the same argument as hating taxes so I want to make less money. You are right, I just had a thought and ran with it.

dethpuck1931d ago

Not interested in this crap at all. The game DVR function on Xbox is pointless as well. Hopefully ps4 gets party chat right. It blows on vita because you have to open a separate app.

Bigpappy1931d ago

I am with you on that. I don't think sharing clips of me playing will "will define this generation". But will be in the minority here for sure. These guys see this as a huge feature.

tanookisuit1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I wont use it, but the feature IS a big deal. Why else do people share on Twitch, Youtube, dailymotion, etc?

Please, be more open minded, folks.

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