The Worst Games Of This Generation

Justin from TMSGamer talks about some of the worst games he's played in this generation of gaming.

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Software_Lover1838d ago

Did we not already have a previous article/blog with the same topic a few days ago?

I could be wrong though.

ironfist921837d ago

slow news day plus lack of creativity makes for the majority of "journalism" these days

coolbeans1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


InTheLab1837d ago

Haze was disappointing....not bad by any stretch. The mp was quite good actually.

If you look at other shooters from that era, Haze stacks up nicely with all aside from CoD4 MW...

OrangePowerz1837d ago

I didn`t like it at all, I had more fun with Aliens (average game at best), also surprised that Duke Nukem Forever is missing as well given what a huge let down that was after all that time of waiting for the game.

worldwidegaming1837d ago

Haze!? Damn! I heard so many PS fans talk junk about how cool and how much of a Halo killer it was going to be... (checks bargin bin...)

badz1491838d ago

if these are his list of worst games of this generation, he has not game enough!

CanadianTurtle1838d ago

Crysis 2 and Final Fantasy 13 should be right up there as well.

Pintheshadows1838d ago

Two of the worst have come out this year. Ride to Hell and Garry's Incident. Add Mindjack to that list.

And i'll say it again. Not enough gamers know what a bad game is. That is why we get people picking holes in the best ones for the tiniest faults. They have no context. No marker. Playing games as bad as Ride to Hell didn't lower my expectations for good games, it just made me appreciate them so much more.

The War Z is the worst on this list, and frankly, it is still far better than the three I just mentioned. All three of them are almost bad enough to score 0/10. They are broken, unplayable messes with no production value and no game design present at all.

silvacrest1838d ago

mindjack came out in 2011

Pintheshadows1838d ago

Yeah, I know. Just throwing it in with the first two. Didn't make it very clear though.

coolbeans1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I've essentially scarred my best friend by constantly humming the anachronistic Ride to Hell theme song after he played it and kindly gave it back to me after 15 minutes of playing. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.