Xbigy Games: Titanfall – COD + steroids + mechs = Awesome

Xbigy Games writes:

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo I was lucky enough to get the chance to play EA’s new FPS Titanfall. For those of you living in a darkened hole with no TV, internet or contact from the outside world, Titanfall is the next game from Infinity Ward founders and Call of Duty lead designers Jason West and Vince Zampalla. Titanfall has a lot to live up to and even though I only got 20 minutes of time on the game’s multiplayer, it left a huge mark on me and it was easily the most exciting game of the show.

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ape0072023d ago

i believe this is the Xbox one's Killer App

thrust2023d ago

It's deffo a system seller!

Day one Xbox one!

LackTrue4K2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Most definitely it's there system seller, it's the only game that they have that will pull numbers/sales!!!

Mabe Killer instinct, cuz we all now Forzom is never good with sales.

kratos_TheGoat2023d ago

forza sell very well in u.s.a if you wanna hate at least write facts.

jgrigs092023d ago

This is probably the most ridiculous thing to say. But Zoo Tycoon or whatever it's called will get great sells. The visuals and everything I heard was amazing.

3-4-52023d ago

If I was going to purchase an XB1 by first choice would be BF 4, followed by Titanfall, Fifa & Forza, & Spark.

Sunset Overdrive looks cool too.

hankmoody2023d ago

It was good enough to get me to preorder an Xbox One the same day they announced it.

voodoogts2023d ago

Titanfall just makes me want the X1 more!