5 Best Platformers Without a Jump Button

Making this 5 Best Platformers Without a Jump Button list was hard. Platformer design is pretty tried and true at this point: run, jump, don’t die on spikes. Even minimalist platformers like Cannabalt have a jump button. However, we scoured the world of both indie and AAA titles to find real games with real platforming action that don’t let you jump on command. These are the 5 Best Platformers Without a Jump Button.

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deafdani2433d ago

I never thought of Marble Madness as a platformer. Truth be told, I never even stopped to consider what gaming genre could Marble Madness belong in. 0___o

TongkatAli2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I want VVVVVV really bad. It looks mad fun.

deafdani2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Why don't you get it, then? It's available for PC, Mac, and 3DS! And you don't need a decent PC or Mac to run it, in fact it would have to be REALLY, REALLY CRAPPY to not run it. Lol. XD

I personally prefer the 3DS version, even though it doesn't have user generated content. Because having the map in the lower screen makes a BIG difference, the game becomes much more streamlined to play that way than on PC (where you have to pause to see the map, and you will use the map pretty frequently. Exploration is a big part of this game).

Plus the 3D effect is actually really damn nice. :P