Extremely high resolution Saints Row 2 screenshots

The developers of Saints Row 2 have just released some new screenshots as well as artwork that details some of the weapons you will have at your disposal to destroy everyone and everything you want. Fortunately, while there may not be many screenshots, they are extremely high resolution so every detail and point can be scrutinized and examined nice and close.

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Cwalat3836d ago

sorry, i already got GTAIV booked and other titles in my mind...
better luck next time..

Xanj3836d ago

The cars in the background of the first shot look horrible. These don't even come close to the level of detail and realism that GTA IV will have.

misterssippi3836d ago

GTAIV is a finished game. SRII is still in production and isn't gonna release until late August. The graphics of GTAIV aren't that good. As they always do, Rockstar intentionally muddies up the graphics (gritty look) to make the character modeling look less ugly, and the shadows never work very well (look at the trailers).
IMO, SRII is looking good so far. I'll buy GTAIV, but in August it will be SRII holding me over until GOW2.