"SHMUP" Project Root Announced for PC and PS Vita

Project Root is a new Shoot 'em up (SHMUP) game that is being developed for PC and PS Vita by Argentinian developer OPQAM. The game looks to be heavily influenced by classic shooters of the past with a visual style that is reminiscent of the popular Electronic Arts Strike series of games. Style isn't the only old-school aspect of Project Root as OPQAM are toting the game to be a return to the difficulty found in many games of that era.

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leahcim2176d ago

someone please make a list of the upcoming VITA games I can count at least 100!

prodg522176d ago

If you just look at the screenshots it doesn't look good, but watching it in motion you see that this could be a fun game.

Venox20082176d ago

oh i sooo wish for a shmup reborn.. especially that cave started rolling its games on pc, ninty and sony platforms, any way to contact them?