Shadowrun Interview

Earlier this year Firingsquad got to play a very early build of Shadowrun, an upcoming multiplayer first person shooter from Microsoft's FASA Studios that is attempting to bring some new gameplay aspects to the FPS genre. However they did have some questions about the game after their visit to FASA's studios so FiringSquad got its studio manager Mitch Gitelman to answer some more questions about the PC-Xbox 360 game that's due out in 2007:

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beans4459d ago

I have got to get this game! Nobody seems to be paying attention to it yet but im willing to bet that this is a sleeper online multiplayer hit! With so many solid online games on the way, how in the heck will I have time to play them all!

no_more_heroes4459d ago

isn't FASA Studios the ones who did Crimson Skies? Am I the only one who wants a sequel to that game? Seriously though they should make a next gen sequel or remake. At least they would have something to compete with Warhawk coming out next summer on the ps3.