What Ever Happened to Pro Evolution Soccer?

Nizulo's Elliot Mander writes: "They say if you have been friends with someone for eight years, that you will be friends for life. That, I'm sorry to say, cannot be said for PES. For the first time last year, I officially cheated in front of my beloved franchise by not only buying Fifa, but also leaving a full stack of Pro Evo games on the shelf. But I can't help thinking, what ever happened to my beloved franchise for it to end this way?"

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slimeybrainboy1868d ago

It is one of the single most terrible games I have ever played. It looks better. The demo was better, but you have not control in the game. you cant dribble. Defending makes no sense. It's such a mess. I can't believe that online the rosters arent even updated. It's even as if they have FIFA's excuse for focusing on next gen, this game is horrible, DO NOT BUY.

3-4-51868d ago

uhh PES 2010 plays better than Fifa 13..

PES 2013 plays better than both of those.

I'm sure this game is fine. it's getting great reviews, better than Fifa 14 even.