Solid Snake in Track and Field, First Screenshots

Konami released some images of Solid Snake who will be playable New in International Track and Field on Nintendo DS

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PS360WII3888d ago

Huh Solid Snake in a Track and Field game... looks like they are using Snake to broaden the casual awareness for him...

Antan3888d ago

Wait till you hear the music ;)

mistertwoturbo3887d ago

So people can rightfully hate Nintendo now. This is what it came down to, an Iconic Video Game legend is being used for a stupid DS track and field game.

PS360WII3887d ago

umm actually no, Konami is the one who put Snake in a track and field game not Nintendo

KeiZka3887d ago

Well, iconic and iconic... Doubt he has the kind of public awareness Mario or Pacman has...

It was Konami, not Nintendo.