WorthPlaying: New International Track & Field Review

WorthPlaying writes: "At almost any Kmart or GameStop you go to, you'll see it: the lonely little DS or DS Lite that has been sitting there for ages, taking the abuse of every passing child and idle customer. Its face is more scarred than a battle-hardened Spartan warrior, and you might ask yourself, "How does a DS screen get like that?" Konami's New International Track and Field is ready and willing to show you just how to destroy a DS in just a fraction of the time it takes a store model to die horribly.

Track and Field is the latest iteration of a classic series of button-mashers that set out to simulate the exciting realm of running, swimming, diving and throwing. It's packed with more than 20 mini-games, an impressive selection of playable characters and dozens of unlockable costumes. The production quality is through the roof and packed full of both user-generated and developer-produced incentives to push yourself to the limit. In almost every respect, it's the perfect game, except for just one niggling problem: It's not fun. To simulate the gameplay, you could simply rub a pencil back and forth with your friend and see who's able to scribble the fastest."

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