Gamedaily: Okami Review - Okami's still a beaut, thanks to Ready At Dawn

Gamedaily writes: "When Okami debuted in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, we couldn't help but get caught up in its beauty. This work of genius, from the now-shuttered Clover Studios, introduced an innovative new play technique that let you interact with your surroundings via a celestial brush. Now Capcom brings it to the Nintendo Wii, with the help of Ready At Dawn Studios, the same team that produced last month's stellar PSP God of War adventure, Chains of Olympus.

The good news is the Wii version holds up just as admirably as the PS2 edition. It utilizes the same free-flowing art style, with the lead character, a spiritual wolf named Amaterasu, breaking out in fluid white and orange colors. Each of the levels contains a hand-drawn shading style that's absolutely unique and awesome to watch. Ready At Dawn has done its homework, closely studying and nailing down Clover Studios' eclectic style. The fact that the game supports progressive scan makes it even more incredible, if you have the HDTV necessary to utilize it. The loading is pretty efficient too, not taking any more than about ten seconds to get started. You can also skip past the story sequences if you prefer, but they're glorious to watch."

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