Prepare your bandwidth: Killzone Shadow Fall size to be 50 GB

Prepare your connection, as next generation might very well test your bandwidth - Killzone Shadow Fall has been confirmed to be around 50 GB.

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Imp0ssibl31897d ago

I think I'll miss the annoying firmware updates, anyone with an average internet connection will surely have to look at a progress bar for the better part of a day now.

Ame_No_Shiryuu1897d ago

no surprise.., the assets, the 3D model, the environment texture.., truly NEXT GEN..!!, we're lucky it's only 50 GB though...

cleft51897d ago

Good thing you can start playing a game before it finishes downloading. This should be an interesting test of that architecture.

Raf1k11897d ago

This isn't surprising at all. I did mention some months back that this would become the norm so having consoles with digital only games would be bad for a lot of people.

50GB is more than the data allowance some people have for a month so it's a good thing we still have hard copies.

neoandrew1897d ago

Maybe truly next gen, but no way this size is due to textures, assets or 3d models, crysis 3 has the best assets, 3d models and very large textures on pc, only high end pc's can run it in its full glory, so ps4 can at best have the same quality and I'm sure it has, but c3 has only around 15 gb and it is the best looking pc game, a game that none of the new console can't run in this level of detail, you just can't, due to hardware limitation.

My guess is that killzone has some very high quality 1080p clips in it.

And please ps4 fanboys, i'm not telling you c3 i better that killzone, just simple and fair compare of hardware and actual possibilities.

shivvy241897d ago

damn ! looks like i cant go digital just yet!

abzdine1897d ago

killzone is a beast!
True next gen greatness baby

Hellsvacancy1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

neoandrew? Crysis 3 may look UBER AWESOME on PCs whatever, it doesn't excuse the fact that the gameplay is BORING, I got halfway through the game and gave up, there was nothing about it that made me want to continue to play it, looking prettier wouldn't change a thing

Sevir1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I can only imagine how big a game like the Witcher 3 and Infamous will be. Thank goodness for PlayGo, Playing as you download will be a necessity come PlayStation 4 generation, lol, I'm kind of afraid to do digital with these big games, but the best part is the PS companion app will allow my PS4 to download games while I'm at work or school during the day so I won't have to watch a status bar.

In anycase, the only games at launch I'm going digital with is Driveclub, Knack, Resogun. Killzone and Watch_Dogs are my Disc based games. :)

BallsEye1897d ago Show
P0werVR1897d ago


At least 80% or more of that are textures.

If anything, that is currently the general issue in game development. True next gen to developers will be mostly about reducing that size significantly in how you simply use textures.

So as time goes on, you'll see that size come down significantly due to how game development is progressing into highly optimized hardware and software.

So no, this does not state next gen.

neoandrew1897d ago


As i was saying, i'm not comparing games, HAVE YOU NOT LISTEN, just the tech specs and looking ONLY at c3 graphics it has no competition also on pc.

I don't care which game is better, c3 for me was also disappointing. Haven't played killzone: SF yet, so can't really say anything about it.

If the best looking game has 15gb then it is really doubtful that 50gb killzone has something to do with better textures or 3d models, as it can't look better than c3 on high end pc hardware.

As i was saying i bet on 1080p clips and/or high quality sound.

imt5581897d ago

I want more bigger games. 50 GB is not enough.

UltimateMaster1897d ago

50Gb. Wow.
And Microsoft wanted to make install based games with their DRM with an 500Gb HDD that can't be upgraded.
Imagine how many of their games would be between 20Gb to 50Gb?
You would only have played 10 games, 25 max.
Glad that didn't happen.
WTF were they thinking?

mewhy321897d ago

Wow. That's a lot of data. Good thing that the PS4 has GDDR5 and a superior GPU to move that data around at the maximum speed and the power to use it. I'm freakin' excited.

Ju1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Well, expected. TLoU is 27GB - and I have some more clocking in at ~15-20GB. And that's why the first thing I'm gonna do is to rip out that HDD and put a 2TB drive in. It's all digital for me. 500GB fills up quickly.

BTW: Just got me downloads during the game - but requires ~70% of the game before you can play (took me 4 hours @ ~1.2MB/s ave).

Cable2kx1897d ago

I really want to download this from the store so I can remote play this at anytime with my vita.

SN: Check out my podcast it's our first and looking for any feedback. Thank You!!

Anarki1897d ago

And this is why I was hoping consoles wouldn't go digital only, 50gb would take ages for me to download not only that it would kill me on launch day knowing that I have a PS4 and have to wait another day to play the games whilst they download.

ChickeyCantor1897d ago

" no surprise.., the assets, the 3D model, the environment texture.., truly NEXT GEN..!!, we're lucky it's only 50 GB though..."

Man the way people talk about this stuff really reflects how casual they really are.

I'm pretty sure uncompressed audio files also have something to do with it.

Ezz20131897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


you keep post the same pic that still look Pretty Incredible and the best looking next gen title
but if that not a true next gen game
i wonder what you think of Ryse then since GOW/GOWA look on par with it if not better

Christopher1897d ago

Probably mostly videos and uncompressed 7.1 audio files.

Mikeyy1897d ago

Well yeah the videos and audio are uncompressed. Thats why the PS3 had better FMV's and More surround sound options last gen also. (FF13 was a perfect example, the 360 version was a disater due to compression)

Why Do they need to compress and lower the quality of assests when you have 50Gigs of space on the disc?

If 50gigs is unaccaptable for the digital download world then maybe the critics where RIGHT and we are not ready for an all digital console?

and the PS4 users that will be doing all digital will be slapping in at least a 1TB HDD anyway, at least playstation gives you options.

hollabox1897d ago

First gen already maxing out Blu Ray, well I guess that was predictable. I got into about 3 months ago with some idiots claiming BR 50GBs was enough for next gen platforms considering a handful of PS3 games coming in at over 40GBs.

Magicite1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

How much max capacity BLU-RAY disc supports?
And I wonder if there will be games with 2 discs?
Maybe PS5 wont have optical media anymore?
Does Xbone still requires mandatory installs, it wouldnt take long to fill 500GB with so large games?

reko1897d ago Show
gaffyh1897d ago

Yeah Hellsvacancy, "HAVE YOU NOT LISTEN"?


I doubt it's a lot of video, maybe audio and textures, but most of these games rarely have loads of video, they might have a few but not loads.

jcnba281896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

"truly NEXT GEN"

Damage control much?

50gb? So that means you can only download around 10 big games on PS4 until you run out of hard drive space! And people here were complaining about Wii U's hard drive space lol PS4's hard drive space is just as bad.

But guess what you can't stick an external hard drive in to the PS4.

triforce791896d ago

Well theres titles on wiiu that are over 20GB like legocity ect so its no surprise...

oof461896d ago

Welcome to the future!

deecee331896d ago

Crazy...hopefully 5 years into this gen when someone makes a game that pushes 100GB we'll have direct fiber in our homes to download it in some reasonable amount of time.

mkis0071896d ago

@jcnba28 nope no external drives but most of us are changing out the internal drive for 1-4TB drives. So no problem.

minimur121896d ago

"And this is why I was hoping consoles wouldn't go digital only, 50gb would take ages for me to download not only that it would kill me on launch day knowing that I have a PS4 and have to wait another day to play the games whilst they download."

Did you forget we can play while it's downloading???

Gaming1011896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I guess some people just didn't read the article, you can play as you download, no need to wait for the whole thing. It's a new feature for PS4.

But yeah, 50 GB is about right for a true next gen game. Be sure you upgrade your hard drive right off the bat so you're not screwed down the road!

bligmerk1896d ago

This is very interesting news. We know the PS4 Blu-ray drive is 6X compared to the 2X in the PS3. What we don't know is the capacity. There have been rumors the PS4 Blu-ray drive is a 100GB triple or quad layer. If KZ:SF is 50GB already, it is really doubtful Sony was planning the rest of the generation as multi-disc installs, which makes it even more likely the PS4 Blu-ray drive is 100GB.

cj1pate1011896d ago

How is sp running at 30 fps last gen 1080 p resoultion next gen dude? Man you damn fan boys really piss me off. I was running 1080p 60 fps since 2005 too now. Why are you kids so happy about a 50 gig dl. Mgs4 was 50 gigs and that game was filled with cutscenes and horrid shooting mechanics. Killzone 2 was major hype just as every kz is. What make killzone shadow fall any diffrent from this hype is my question to you sony fuck bagels!

Rimeskeem1896d ago

just buy the game retail and it will be way less

nunley331896d ago

well i did see you'll be able to download the single and multiplayer seperately so that'll make it easier on people instead of downloading one 50gb file. sony looking out for you and with gaikai tech,download as you play.

FamilyGuy1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Uncompressed, high quality audio can be huge but maybe it's also all the large environments in single player and large maps in multiplayer with all their highly detailed assets? When you download new map packs they're always a gig or two so maybe it's just having lots of really big maps? A man can dream right?

Cut-scenes are in-engine as far as I know so 1080p video isn't the real go-to answer. They could have used in-engine scene and then made them into 1080p video to keep quality high while using less of the PS4s power during those scenes? Not really sure what they're doing that's taking up so much space.
PS3 games had some duplicate files to reduce load times that made them bigger but the PS4 has a faster reading drive so it shouldn't need that technique and the digital versions of games wouldn't have duplicate files anyway.

Why not just ask Sony or GG directly what makes their games take up so much space?
Personally, I appreciate high quality audio that's likely to be adding to PS3 and PS4 game size.

pixelsword1896d ago


Why would I have to download it?

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HammadTheBeast1897d ago

Surprisingly, it was taking a week for GTA V to download for me (well more like 2 days, felt like a week) then out of nowhere it downloaded 12 gb over 2 hours.

A lot of the download rate has to do with PSN users on.

vigilante_man1897d ago

Glad I've got 120Mbps and NO data cap. A couple of hours and I'm done..

Now just got to find me a 2TB drive by next summer when I start to max out the 500GB. But I'll probably stick with Blu Ray versions first to see just how good the increased read speeds are.

We are all going to have to be more choosy as to what games we keep installed at any one time. Overnight also seems to be a good time to download files this big.

LackTrue4K1897d ago

Is it not one of the PlayStations features?!?
"Downloading in background when you play....???"

We'll we all know that's Imposable with the multiplayer.

Idba1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

You can play while downloading, you can download while the ps4 is in sleep mode (save electricity) and you can start the download from your phone if youre for example at work and dont want to wait all day and the download speed is going to be much faster

Ron_Danger1897d ago

You can download either the single player or multiplayer first and then download the rest while you are playing... This was shown in a video back in March.

0ut1awed1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

@ onyoursistersback

You are using logic from your 8 year old xbox 360, not actual facts about the PS4. "Impossible" you say? lol

Idk about the PS3 but I can download stuff off the PSN store on my Vita while I'm playing online. I wasn't sure about this but I had Rayman Origins downloading the other day and went to play Killzone Mercenary online. The download finished about 10-15 minutes into the game even though it was no where near being done when I started.

That's on my Vita... I think it's safe to say the PS4 will do it.

Thehyph1897d ago

@0ut1awed you can do anything on Vita while it's running a download.

Maybe not anything, I don't know if it will download and remote play at the same time as I haven't tried it. Also, while the you can download a patch for a game while playing that game, you probably can't play multiplayer in this scenario. Obviously, this is due to game versions and not Vita functionality.

Kleptic1897d ago

^you can do 'anything' with a PS3 while downloading, also...that is nothing new in terms of what they call 'background downloading'...

but the issue is the queuing...If you start a download of a demo or something...then fire up netflix, or start playing some other game online, the background download is paused, or prioritized down to receive very little of your total download speed...Sometimes its stopped all together, others it'll continue downloading, albeit not as fast as it would when not using the internet connection for something else...

if you play a DVD or BD...background downloading is 100% paused...both those playback features completely lock you out of PSN, for copyright reasons i guess...

the PS4 has this play while you download option...but so far, it seems better on paper to just seems to divide a given game into two you still have to download an entire section before you start playing...

either way...i'm just saying it still seems like a physical disc is the best option for playing big retail for indies and stuff like that...thats my opinion, anyway...

Alexious1896d ago

Impossible? And why? It's not impossible at all.

In fact, most games that allow this are multiplayer/MMORPGs on PC.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1897d ago ShowReplies(1)
firelogic1897d ago

Firmware updates happen in the background when the PS4 isn't being used. You'll never see or wait for them.

Kleptic1897d ago

unless you're in the middle of a PSN connection when the firmware is which case the updated firmware will be required to continue using the PSN...

what you're talking about is not a new feature of the PS4...its been this way since PS+ was have the option to check for updates for games and firmware at specific times that you know you won't be using the system, and if one is available its downloaded and installed before you turn the system back on the next day...but if you happen to be playing a game online when the firmware comes in...have'll have to wait for it...The PS4 isn't going to magically do this stuff in the middle of an online match in killzone or something...

ask me how many times this happened during scheduled clan matches in bf3....

Mikeyy1897d ago

What is the issue? I was over my brother in laws and his xbox prompts him to install Firmware updates also, and it takes the same amount of time?

Why is there a compalaint here?

Both consoles have firmware updates, firmware updates are a GOOD thing.

Patches too, they are a good thing, patches are intended to fix things, and add new features.

Ask any PC gamer, Player count spikes on patch day as people check out the new goodies.

If they abolished patches every single MP game out there would be aweful within a month, as people find out whats OP or whatch glitches to do, it will become unplayble.

firelogic1896d ago


No, firmware updates occur when the PS4 isn't being used. If you're online playing or downloading something from the store, it's not just going to push the fw to you. It runs fw updates when the PS4 is in sleep/low power mode.

avengers19781897d ago

This is why I wanted a TBHDD... I bet the eventually have a SKU with a bigger hard drive.

Can't wait for KZSF... All weekend multiplayer marathon on the 15th, let's say around 12:30am est.
PSN ID: avengers1978

Looking forward to some kick ass MP matches

hardcorehippiez1897d ago

grr i have to wait till the 29th but ill be having a weekend marathon then :D hippiez2007

Cuzzo631897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Man the pc crowd are really drinking the hate juice for this new gen. Haters turn up!
Everytime I see those guys commenting on how powerful the pc is it gives me the giggles. I didnt even know thos was a pc article... seems like all the ps4 guys are trolling.... hold up. Am I jus confused lmao

xtremeimport1897d ago

This is why i buy hard copies and not digital.

clearelite1896d ago

I'll probably be buying the hard copy anyway because I think this game belongs in my collection.

MAULxx1896d ago

100% agree.
If the game ends up sucking at least you can get some cash or credit out of it. All you can do with your digi download is delete it.

princejb1341897d ago

thankfully youll be able to download while playing on ps4
you get to choose what you want to download first between single player and multiplayer
it would download a piece of it and let you play that part while the rest of the game is downloading=]
ps4 ftw

sonarus1896d ago

i am still waiting to know exactly what kind of hdd ps4 will use so i can buy a 2TB one. that 500gb being offered already seems useless


First day and 50 gigs wiped out...gone..fin! Shiiiiitt! Physical copy for me, like to have something tangible anyway.

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ala_7671897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Damn! Now I think 500GB for PS4 is too small!

Bennibop1897d ago

Thank god I am buying PS4 and not Xbone, I have already got my 1TB hardrive (for less than £30)to upgrade. Look forward to seeing the cost of Microsofts offical HDD, going by this gen you will be paying £70! (remember 120gb for £80 at launch.)

MWong1897d ago

Agreed with the amount of Indie games coming out I might have to upgrade my HDD to at least a 750GB or 1TB drive.

Feralkitsune1897d ago

Indie games typically don't take up much space.

cyclindk1897d ago

Go to Best Buy and pick up a 1 Petabyte drive dawg.


Einhert1897d ago

and you can install any HDD in a PS4?

Nekroo911897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

@Einhert no, it as to be a 2.5 HDD, same size as the ps3

Feralkitsune1897d ago

When will someone notice you said Petabyte? Lol

cyclindk1897d ago

Wait till we get to a Brontobyte... really, bronto :)