You can't install games to a PS4 external HD

Yoshida-san mentioned while responding to another question that only the internal hard drive can be used for the purpose. Games cannot be installed on external drives.

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CarlosX3601904d ago

Bad Idea. Sorry, Sony, but bad. Bad idea.

NateCole1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Having more options is a bad idea?.

Edit. Ok read it wrong. Not an issue for me. Upgrading hd is a better option.

whoyouwit041904d ago

Where is the option? you either install to the internal HDD or you don't install at all.

AO1JMM1904d ago

More options? Internal or Internal is not more options.

ZodTheRipper1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I never used an external drive with my PS3 so this doesn't affect me. I guess you can't do that on any other console as well, reading speeds would be way too low to make this useful. And don't mention SSD drives, most people are not yet willing to get one with those prices.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31904d ago

Ive been playing games off a jump drive for some years now and will continue to do so if need be. *options*

Couldntfindasn1904d ago

Yea, you can do it on the Xbox One

PeaSFor1904d ago

external hdd is for medias anyway, wouldnt put games on it.

LOL_WUT1904d ago

Yay for internal only i'd hate to have another device sitting next to my system ;)

kreate1904d ago

there's no change from how the current ps3 work.
this isnt a complaint that ps3 owners had for the ps3. this is more of a complaint that xbox fanboys will have against the ps4.

i just wished xbox360 lets u use up all the space on the external hdd. that 2x 16gb is really annoying. i rather switch out a internal hdd for cheap like how the ps3 is and install the game there than to try to utilize 2x 16gb of a external hdd.

gaffyh1904d ago

This will be a security thing mainly, not too bothered about it as 500GB should be enough for a while, and I'll upgrade if it starts to run out.

razrye1903d ago

Well the xbox one would need to be able to install games on to a external hard drive since you can't change the internal drive.

humbleopinion1903d ago

Upgrading HD is obviously the WORSE option for three reasons:
1) If you now buy a 1TB internal hard drive, you lose your existing 500GB hard drive since you can't use both. Having an external hard-drive solves this problem meaning no wasted 500GB just because you wanted to upgrade.
2) External hard drive gives you flexibility since you can easily plug it out, go to your friends house, plug it in and play all of your games there simply by logging in with your account - and without having to download anything
3) External hard drive also makes it easy to manage things, back up things like save files and profile information on USB. Next gen this might be less of an issue assuming cloud backup will be enabled by default, but it's still a good feature to have - especially if you're disconnected from the internet for some time and wish to transfer files to another machine.

Army_of_Darkness1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

You can only install games on your internal HDD, just like all the tablets and android smart phone devices.... what's so surprising??
I'm sure this is soley to prevent copy and pasting issues which would make sony or any other company lose profit.
But yes, being able to download to an exernal hdd would have been sweet, but it is what it is.

Panthers1903d ago

Why is this news, and why is it getting some many comments?

Basically I am asking is why do people care? I swear, if someone can chalk up any little thing for their console over the other, it blows up.

Fanboys are worse than politicians.

wampdog291903d ago

@Zod the Wii U lets you do it

Gaming1011903d ago

lol of course you can't install to external, there's a read and write speed issue, as well as a pirating issue where people can simply remove any security off of a game and put them on Pirate Bay, I mean get real people.

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majiebeast1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

You can still swap out the internal HDD. It would have been nice to have but its not like there arent other options.

JackOfAllBlades1904d ago

Agreed, put a larger internal in

ProjectVulcan1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Hardly a big deal, most people I know with older PS3s changed their HDDs long ago, because it is so straight forward.

These days 1tb 2.5 drives are less than 60 pounds.

You'll fit plenty of full installs on a drive like that, even if the games are 20-30gb a pop.

HarryMasonHerpderp1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I've just noticed that "Ksar" guy submitted this, and looking at his comment history he is a massive fanboy and a Sony hater hence the picture he uploaded of Yoshida laughing. Probably to insinuate he's laughing because you cannot use external hard drives....what a massive troll.

Anyway it would of been nice to have the option as I use one for my steam games on my laptop but you can easily update your hard drive with the PS4 so it's not really a problem at all.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1903d ago

lmao vulvanproject - I read your comment initially and was like "why on earth would they weigh 60 pounds???" haha

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hkgamer1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I personally don't care since I know an external HDD would be too slow, unless its USB3(not sure how fast they are though since i havent used one yet).

However, if PS4 is like PS3 and you can easily upgrade HDD, then I don't see there being a problem.

EDIT: Actually it would have been quite a cool feature if you was able to use an external or maybe even to copy games onto external so when you goto friends house you can log on to your account and use the external to play games. That would have definitely made digital games to be more likeable.

iamnsuperman1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

There could be an issue with your last bit. If you can copy the game, what stops you sharing that game to the masses. Unless there was a DRM online connectivity feature put in place (i.e. have to sign in to play the game in the first place) the feature would be abused (which runs into other issues since PSN plus is compulsory now and then what happens if your internet drops but your games are on the external hard drive).

Theyellowflash301904d ago

I have a external HDD hooked up to my Wii U with games on it and it's not slow at all.

hkgamer1903d ago


Well, if there is a DRM for allowing only you(PSN ID) to play it then it would lower the chances of people abusing.
We already register our devices, so those devices will not need to be online to play those games. But if you go to friends house and put in your PSN then you can play those games, but only if you are connected online.

OK. haven't realy given it much thought but that could easily work. Actually the original xbone could have worked, people just made a big deal out of nothing thats all.


OK, maybe it is not slow at all. But I'm sure its definitely not as fast.

Theyellowflash301903d ago

Its fast enough to where I don't think its slow.

imfwwdcc1903d ago

I have a external HDD hooked up to my Wii U also and it is faster then the internal 32GB.

USB 3 1TB 7200RPM

hkgamer1903d ago

@imwwfdc & theyellowflash

OK... I guess I am uninformed or have no experience with WiiU and its external HDD. Probably shouldn't have commented on it being slow.

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MWong1904d ago

Well it follows Sony's extensive a extremely long game sharing policy, if that's where your going Carlos. But, I don't see anything wrong with it. I have all my PS3 gamesaves on an external HD.

THamm1904d ago

Will the X1 let you install on external? Or even let you use an external?

iamnsuperman1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


True. I am not sure how Microsoft are going to be able to manage this. Since always online DRM was scrapped (the only sure way these games will not get pirated) how are they going to control it. They need to support external HDD, because the internal HDD can't be replaced, but at the same time, since the DRM policies have been scrapped, how are they going to stop people copying the game for people to download onto the external HDD to play totally offline unless it is tied to your account (which goes back to the DRM policies they scrapped but doesn't work for retail games only downloaded ones)

falviousuk1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Is it not tied to the console / account

The 360 currently allows this, so imagine its doing it the same way that the 360 does,

Ive not really looked into it TBH as ive enver used an external drive

No_Limit1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

It will be the same as the current X360 external saves. Games, movies, saves can be be saved on a external USB thumb stick up to 32gb.

The XB1 has USB 3 and any hard drive size can be used now to fulfill that function.

GameCents1904d ago

Not sure why falviousuk is getting disagrees, the Xbox One allows you to install games on to an external HDD, they(MS) said so themselves.

@iamnsuperman: they'll use the system already in place one the 360. You are aware that you can download a game on to a usb flash drive and play it off of it on the 360 right?

You however cannot copy the game on to another flash drive, you can only move (transfer) it completely.
Also, the 360 partition on the flash drive is unreadable on PC which stops pirates from duplicating the data using a PC.

I suspect the same system will be utilized on the Xbox One, any game you download on to an external HDD will be partitioned off to an Xbox One only section and just as is on the 360, will only be moveable and not copyable.

No DRM necessary

kingPoS1904d ago


PC Also, the 360 partition on the flash drive is unreadable on PC which stops pirates from duplicating the data using a PC.

I'm afraid I have to call you out on that. With the know how and proper tools, you can uncover alot... ALOT!

Sad but true. I think I understand one of the reasons why Sony's won't allow ps4 games on external HDD's.

Look at what happened to the ps3...
It's a hackers playground now.

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stuna11904d ago

Exactly how is that a bad idea? If they aloud external hdd to be used, couldn't anyone with a PS4's have access to free games without ever having to pay for anything, thereby Sony end up losing out on revenue.

GameCents1904d ago

MS did it with the 360 no problems.

Gorilla_Killa_X1904d ago

I wouldnt say no problems since Xbox 360 games can be downloaded all over the internet and through torrents.

MarkusMcNugen1904d ago

There is a simple solution to this problem people are not thinking about. Games are locked to a persons account, and to do this they use security certificates with private keys. The solution would be that when a game is copied or moved to the external HD the private key for the game is copied/moved with it. Then when you download your profile on your device the certificates for your profile are downloaded with it, unlocking the ability to play the game off of the external HD.

The other method is basically similar to the one above but instead of a private key for the game it could use encryption which would tied to a private key linked to your specific account. 256-bit AES encryption are damn near impossible to hack without a super-super (Yes, doubly super) computer or the private key.

All these private keys could be stored in NVRAM or some type of flash storage chip on the console, which could also be encrypted.

Its totally doable, but considering the potential for loss profit if hacked, this would have had to be something they planned for from the beginning.

Mystogan1904d ago

Lol when Sony does something bad. INSTANT 60+ disagrees.

you could install games to external Harddrive on the 360. You can probably do it on the X1 too.

MysticStrummer1903d ago

I'm not sure this can exactly be called "bad" since you can switch to a bigger internal drive easily...

thezeldadoth1903d ago

if ps4 could use external and x1 couldn't, these guys would be saying "one more thing the ps4 trounces the one on!"

its lame you can't use an external hard drive.

Machiavellian1903d ago

People keep saying you can switch to a bigger HDD but why would I want to. Why throw away 500GB to upgrade to a bigger drive when adding any size USB3 HDD would be a much better option. Its not that what Sony is doing is bad, its just inefficient and wasteful.

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showtimefolks1904d ago

i am fine with this, i will replace the hard drive day one with 1TB

atleast sony let's you replace the hard drive unlike MS where you had to buy MS official hard drive

there is no way to make everyone happy, people will bitch and moan no matter what, up until now sony has shown more geared towards gamers and have said all the right things

keep it up and deliver great exclusives

Mustang300C20121903d ago

I am going to be able to use the 500gb in the X1 and a 3TB external and have the same functionality vs taking out the 500gb to replace the drive internally. People keep bring up this gen. You were not installing Ames on your PS3. Now you have to install all games instead of just digital copies so having the option to add external to the existing drive is a better deal IMO. It would have been great if we could change the drive out and add external but oh well.

monkey nuts1903d ago

To all the people saying that by upgrading the ps3/4 internal HDD you'd end up wasting the original drive because you have no use for it, basically your all off your knockers. Ever heard if a hard drive enclosure? If I upgrade my ps4 HDD then the 500gb drive from the console will be going into a hard drive case, formatted and then used like any other external hard drive, for storage. I did the same with my ps3 HDD, which currently is being used for DVR purposes while its hooked up to my smart HDTV.

showtimefolks1903d ago

monkey nuts

no use really? do you know you can make that into a external hard drive?


i can get a 1TB internal drive for around $50-60 while the 3TB costs 3 times as much

vakarian751904d ago

@zod18 You can do that on the Wii U.

Mounce1904d ago

Pointless feature.

Stupid of you to say 'Bad Idea' but I can only imagine you a 360 fanboy due to your name.

strigoi8141904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


You are given a brain to think and to use it and understand before commenting, ants brain is far more functioning than yours

Deadpoolio1904d ago

Yeah right....You know you wont be doing that with the One80 either right? No company is that stupid, it leads to piracy idiot...And you can upgrade the PS4 HDD in less than 5 minutes

Your're Welcome

MarkusMcNugen1904d ago

Read my comment to stuna1 above.

You're Welcome

FamilyGuy1904d ago

This pretty much confirms that it's going to be Fat32 formatted external drives only again :(

That 4Gb limit = no full game installs
Plus Sony doesn't want to make hacking/ripping games even easier.

I gotta say I already expected this.

dantesparda1903d ago

Wait, what? You can have games that are alot more than 4gbs, are they broken up into files no bigger than 4gb?

FamilyGuy1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

PS3 only accepts Fat32 formatted EXTERNAL HDDs. The limitation to Fat32 is that a single file size cannot exceed 4Gbs. PS3 games and PS4 games are usually a lot bigger than 4Gbs.

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking because of how you worded it, maybe you meant "can't" instead of can?

Either way I haven't heard anything about files being broken up into 4Gb chunks unless that's the way hackers do it or something.

Officially, no PS3 games can be saved to external HDDs and PS4 is carrying on that tradition.

Gamer19821903d ago

You can keep installs on external and just install what you need when you play, solved.. Not a bad idea and you cant install games on external HDD on Xbox either, you can on PC but lets be honest PC does everything.. However PC has trouble running games off external HDD as its a really dumb idea for reasons I am not even gonna get into. So i'm glad consoles havn't done it as it will only lead to issues and people complaining with multiple articles on how sony "f"'d up external HDD installs and it would cost them a lot of valuable time and resources talking to people over phone lines and emails trying to resolve such a trivial and meaningless problem. Laptop HDDs go up to 1gb and if thats not enough for you to install all the games your currently playing or are gonna play in the next year then you have issues.

Machiavellian1903d ago

This is not true. People need to check their facts before making statements. MS already stated that you can install ANYTHING on external drives hooked up to the X1 including game installs and digital game downloads.

Its crazy when people defend stuff for the X1 that does not make sense and its just as bad when people do the same for Sony. Sony solution means you lose 500GB drive when upgrading. Its ok but definitely not better than being able to keep that 500GB and just extend the storage.

Cueil1903d ago

How DARE [email protected]!!1!!!!!!111!!!eleven!!!1 !!!!

AzureskyZ1903d ago

Bad idea you say-- anything external could be used to potentially modify or pirate the data-- at the very least if its inside the ps4 they can monitor it when connect and serve as a deterrent. Its not like they wont let you upgrade your hdd inside or charge you a shit ton for a laptop hdd enclosed in an proprietary enclosure.

MazzingerZ1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Why I would need that? I rather get a bigger HDD that it sits inside my PS4, that's the nice thing with upgradable HDD

Besides the datatransfer via the USB would be slower than from the PS4 internal HDD which is the whole point with the installs or??? It doesn't make sense to want install external

Godmars2901903d ago

Being able to replace the 500GB HDD with anything from a 1-2TB dive, then using an external HDD for everything not game related, is somehow not enough for you?

nosferatuzodd1903d ago

how is this a bad move you can change youre hard drive anytime you want you could put a 2terabite hard drive in da damn thing with xbox you cant thats why you need a big ugly hard drive beside it taking up space

ziggurcat1903d ago

how is this bad? you do know you actually have the option of installing a much larger internal drive on the PS4, unlike the xbone, right?

i mean, it's what i'm going to do pretty much as soon as i get my PS4.

and don't think for a second that you have this option on xbone (installing games on external media). they've said nothing regarding the amount of access you have, just that it "supports" the use of external media. the X360 also "supports" external media, and for all we know, it's the same functionality where you only have access to 32GB of, say, a 1TB drive.

Shnazzyone1903d ago

uh oh, does wii u have an advantage over ps4 now? I got over 600 gigs on my wii u right now in an snes cart.

Dee_Cazo1903d ago

I wonder why you have all these disagrees. Its almost like we are on a terribly biased site that lets Sony fanboys think they are accomplishing something.

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Ksar1904d ago ShowReplies(5)
NateCole1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

lol! read it wrong.