This Chinese Actor Should Be Phoenix Wright, Says Chinese Internet

Former Asian teen heartthrob and current all around action movie super star Aaron Kwok has made big waves again on the Chinese blogosphere. This time, the waves have nothing to do with how good or how bad any of his movies are, but instead, about what he looks like in one of his movies.

Kwok, a Hong Kong singer, actor and amateur race car driver, has been a staple of the Chinese entertainment scene since his debut in the eighties. Mostly known for being in Hong Kong Action movies, Kwok's most recent work has drawn the attention of Chinese video game fans.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2756d ago

Aaron Kwok? That can't be his real name. And no, he shouldn't be Phoenix in an Ace Attorney movie. There shouldn't be an AA movie at all. It just wouldn't work.

Pozzle2756d ago

An Ace Attorney movie already exists....

It was decent. Not amazing, but pretty enjoyable to watch. :)

cyhm31122756d ago

Why can't that be his real name?

specialguest2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


It's not uncommon for Hong Kong Chinese to have real English first names. I'm not sure what the exact reasons are, but it could be because Hong Kong was a former British colonial until 1997.

nugnugs2755d ago

I think that is the reason. Always amused me that they picked names that were a little 'fogeyish' over here. Gordon Chan, Tony Leung, Edison Chen was a weird one, but my favourites were Danny and Oxide Pang!

Nada Nuff2755d ago

This implies that there should be some sort of live-action Phoenix Wright project. There shouldn't.

nugnugs2755d ago

There already is! Saw the trailer about a year ago.