Potential New Pokémon X and Y Screenshots From Review Copies

Some interesting new screens have possibly been leaked from review copies of Pokémon X and Y, including a new Pokémon and some shots of the Pokémon Centre.

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Beetey3886d ago

Must... not... look...

It's gonna be a long thirteen days...

TekoIie3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

That Pokemon looks pretty cool! Took me a while to actually make out the design since the picture quality makes it hard to distinguish.

The exterior of the Pokemon Center reminds me of Colosseum too :)

AD7053886d ago

I'm not much of a pokemon gamer. Hell I pretty much quit pokemon when I got older.

But pokemon X and Y look like they're going to be amazing games.

GenericNameHere3886d ago

The "honey badger" is fake. Pokébeach, Serebii, and the like aren't reporting on it. Plus, take a good look at it. It looks "wrong".

The Pokémon Center, inside and outside, look legit though.

Jirachi3885d ago

that last picture was confirmed to be fake,which makes the rest fake since they're from the same source


Making Pokémon 3D Was A Mistake

Pokémon’s shift to 3D was a big mistake, as the series’ roots in 2D design make it difficult to transfer important game mechanics into a 3D overworld.

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CrimsonWing69522d ago

why do other games pull off 3D monster collecting JRPG games just fine? Look at Jade Cocoon and Shin Megami Tensei for examples.

FallenAngel1984522d ago

Answer should be obvious.

No other videogame franchise is as merchandise driven as Pokémon


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BLG writes: "While it didn’t sell as well as the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS was nonetheless a wonderful system. And, while this may be a hot take, it’s easily my favorite handheld. Even more than a decade removed from launch, the system’s library has so many titles that feel as fresh today as they did back at release. While it was hard to narrow down, these 30 Nintendo 3DS games are emblematic of the system’s success."

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When Will The Pokemon Company Introduce a New Typing?

The Pokemon Company has a solid thing going right now. Well, it’s been going on for a while, actually, but it has been a while since a new typing has been introduced to the popular monster-taming series. The latest one, Fairy type, was introduced back in Generation VI (Pokemon X & Y), so it does seem like it is time to bring in a new one. Check out Jason Capp's article for more.

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