Parenting and Video Games

Ocarina of Tom Gaming writes about an experience in a local Gamestop that goes to show that parenting is a much larger problem than violent video games.

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Donnywho2918d ago

I hope you were trying to impress a girl with this or something. Your scientific method for drawing conclusions is more convoluted than the mind sets of the criminals in GTA5.

UncleGermrod2918d ago

I get that we need a more scientific approach to pro-gaming media if it is to be taken serious. This article was not those things but in the end the argument is sound.

N4GCB2918d ago

I can't believe she bought him fifa 14.

badman12918d ago

YAWWWNNNN No1 cares lool

ChrisW2918d ago

Those who aren't parents... OBVIOUSLY don't have a reason to care, yet.

level 3602918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Ask yourself this question - which generation did these parents grew up, connect the dots and most likely will tell you how their kids are going to grow up as well.. mentally speaking.