IGN's exclusive first look on The Conduit - Tech demo and screens

High Voltage Software, making games for 15 years, is one company well underway with a title built from the ground up for Wii. It's a first-person shooter that revolves around government conspiracies and alien cover-ups. It's using an advanced 3D engine that really makes the most of Nintendo's hardware. And it features a control scheme that fully utilizes the Wii remote. And right now, the game needs a publisher.

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Durffen4936d ago

I have not been this excited or this impressed by a Wii game since Brawl. Please Lord, let this game have good controls, and online play.

chaosatom3334935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

yeah online play. Sure Nintendo will give you 'Good' online play.

Yeah good controls. Sure Nintendo will give you good controls for 'One' of the thousand controllers it has.

I hope that Wii could pull of god of war graphics in a year.

timmyrulz4936d ago

Fans on this site? i always had the impression that they were too fat or too old to be able to move out of their lazyboy to get on this site

kevanio094936d ago

the wii has an internet browser doesnt it?

Montrealien4935d ago

it`s funny. I think the people that do come here are mostly to young and to stupid to understand that there is a whole world out there, and the internets is not it.

edhe4936d ago

Who thinks EA & Bioware will put a lawsuit on that name ?

PS360WII4935d ago

yeah has promise hope they get a publisher and hopefully other 3rd parties actually start making some new engines for the Wii too

condorstrike4935d ago

someone will buy them out and that's about it, we'll probably see that engine in a new Prince of Persia or a new Resident Evil and won't even hear about this again, until it gets published in wikipedia or something.

unless they come out with some awesome wiiware game, doubt it though,
we need an external HarDrive so bad.... come on nintendo announce it @ E3.

bigjclassic4935d ago

This is the game that "hardcore" gamers have been wanting from the Wii. This game needs a publisher and some hype. Support the cause.

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