Namco Releases Update For Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online, Adds Dual Shock 3 Support

A new, downloadable update for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online is now available for download via the PlayStation Store, Namco Bandai announced today.

Changes include:

* Pickup Match Mode - For those who want to skip the waiting room, players can now continuously face off in one-on-one matches

* DUALSHOCK®3 rumble support – Feel the impact of each blow and attack

* Room name display – Allows users to input and display names for online rooms

* "Flag" search - A network filter that enables users to better select opponents with optimal connection speeds

* New notifications – Let's waiting players know when it's their turn to fight or inform them when others have entered or left the room

* More casual matches – When Rank Match is set to Off, match results no longer affect Win/Loss record.

* Multiple bug issues have also been resolved

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sonarus3838d ago

Why would they put an update on the ps store? Also seems the ps store is updating at random...Usually they would just wait till the weekly update. Could this mean the no more thursday updates

pwnsause3838d ago

no its not through the store, its through the game

Salta_nelas3838d ago

Wtf? My DS3 works on Tekken since i got it...

Salta_nelas3838d ago

Well, not on the store and not on the game...i guess its only for the US or Jap version.

SickNick853837d ago

not for eu,not for jap,not for us,not for hong kong...

i can't find this update...for me it's a Fake

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