The Funniest Personalities in Gaming

Console Me writes:

Making a list of the funniest personalities in gaming was much harder than I anticipated. There are so many great podcasts and websites out there these days that picking the guys who make you laugh the most is a daunting task.

When all is said and done though, these five guys rose to the top and are (in my opinion) the ones who will make you laugh out loud in the most embarrassing places if you are a podcast nut.

To make the list, I only included the guys that are consistently funny and whose presence on a podcast serves to make it something special. All of these guys are funny in their own way, and because humour is so subjective, you may not agree with the list. However, despite where they all fall on this list, all of these guys will make you laugh, unless of course you have no soul.

Starting at number five is....Jeff Green. Hit jump to see who makes number 1.

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