Console Obssession reviews Neves

Andrew Fisher writes:

''Puzzle games are ideally suited to portable play on the DS, and this latest example has to impress in a crowded market. The alert amongst you may have spotted that the unusual name is actually just "SEVEN" reversed. Maybe if they had called it Tangram Training, it would have flown off the shelves…

The aim of the game is based around the ancient Chinese puzzle Qi Qiao Ban (Seven Boards of Cunning), where seven pieces or "tans" are arranged into shapes. The pieces cannot overlap. Neves uses a special set of seven pieces - two right-angled triangles, two small trapezoids, two large trapezoids and a large square block with a pointed end. These are manipulated on the touch screen, with the top screen showing the target shape at all times. A piece can be picked up and dragged into place, rotated by touching the corners and flipped by double-tapping.''

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