Perfect Dark Zero Gets Retro With 64 Maps

Users can now download a map pack containing two classic maps from the N64 version of the game.

Microsoft and developer Rare have announced today that Perfect Dark Zero owners will be able to download a new map pack containing two maps from the original game of the series on the Nintendo 64. In November, Xbox Live users will be able to download for free the pack containing both Facility and Ruin maps from the original release.

Both maps set to be made available are complete remakes of the original N64 versions complete with updated, high resolution graphics.

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JPomper4460d ago

Nice! Free content is always welcome. Especially that which induces nostalgia.

FamoAmo4460d ago

The N64 Version kicked [email protected]@. This is awsome. I guess I'll have to dust off PDZ and bust my Falcon out!