The GTA V Dilemma

As you may have noticed Rockstar Games‘ Grand Theft Auto V came into being this week, raking in a billion dollars in the first three days of its release – marking the fastest time that any piece of entertainment has reached the milestone according to Take-Two Interactive. It took Call of Duty: Black Ops fifteen days to make a billion dollars. GTA V is perhaps the biggest deal that gaming has, and I haven’t played it yet.

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masterabbott2830d ago

GTA V is a game that is too over rated for what it's become. yes its good but i think it needs to be more innovative if its going to stay the leader in this kind of genre.

Outside_ofthe_Box2830d ago

Name an open world game with three player-controlled protagonists.

iamnsuperman2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Is that a good thing? I guess is stops people getting bored of the character but the system seems to break during the game. Everyone earning their own money is very annoying when it comes to buying weapons because you have to buy the same thing three times (this is also applicable to things like doing the stock market and other smaller activities. Pain in the arse to keep on top of). During the campaign you have to keep swapping between characters to see if some mission has to be done before progressing. The story takes a very long time to get going because it has to introduce 3 characters.

I might have looked over this except for the fact there is only one decent character. Franklin is boring and gets over shadowed by his incoherent/illiterate friend. His only redeeming factor is his special ability. Michael is okay but he is a weak character. I am not sure why he is the "leader" of the pack and his special ability is fairly weak. The only decent character is the psychopath Trevor.

I am enjoying GTA V but they should have had only one character. I see the benefits of 3 but the execution wasn't good

JackStraw2830d ago

yes it's a good thing. how hard is it to keep track of 3 characters? seriously?

the execution was perfect. and if you can't relate to each character in some way, that's your fault. you must haven't done much free roaming if the only character you find to be "decent" is trevor. some of the funnest missions i have done so far in gta v were with franklin, doing dom's side missions. as for michael, you must not understand his character if you think he's "weak". the guy has had enough, that is his character. he wants to be settled down and done. so that is how i play when i use him. when i feel like being chaotic and going on a rampage, i use the guy who has that special ability, trevor. when i feel like settling down and browsing for cars or playing sports, i use michael. and when i feel like doing whatever else, i use franklin. maybe for once people should stop blaming the game for not being "innovative" and start blaming the gamer for playing the game in a dull way and not taking advantage of the innovations the game has to offer.

PoSTedUP2830d ago

i think the game in itself is innovation just by how much you can do in one game. i mean, invest in stocks on a portion of the games own virtual internet? never even heard of such a thing. when was the last time you went to a strip club of that magnitude in a game (or kicked out of one XD) and took her home to boink her and now have her number on your virtual phone to call and talk to? ill just point out One more thing b4 i get out of control. ive never seen someone lob their body onto a car and have the windshield smash in any other game, i like realistic psysics like that.

SpiralTear2830d ago

It's kind of interesting seeing a game that has such huge mainstream success still be considered a fantastic game by the longtime gaming crowd. Design-wise, the GTA series has made enormous strides, even before GTA III. Technically, open-world games have been slowly moving into a realm where load times are near non-existent (I can't confirm it myself, but I've heard that GTA V has no load times during gameplay).

I can't say I'm the biggest GTA fan, but I would much rather have a really well-designed open-world series that isn't released every year get a ton of (positive) mainstream attention than an annual shooter release with very little improvement since the last installment.

titans99992830d ago

Post, there are no load times whatsoever!

MethCupcakes2830d ago

Really? -__- YOU GUYS ARE MAKING IT SO HARD. I. have to wait till tuesday to Get my GTAV... Stupid GameStop sold my preorder. I PAID IN FULL MONTHS AGO! I don't even get my blimp.

SpiralTear2830d ago

I wasn't sure, so I didn't want to say it did without confirmation on my end.

That's the direction I'd like to see the open-world genre go on a technical level. I hate load times; they're one of my gaming pet peeves. If there's any game that could benefit from the removal of intrusive load times, it's a game based around cohesive exploration without fragmentation of the game world.

titans99992830d ago

The only load time is when you load up your game

DarkBlood2830d ago

the only loading that actually happens for me is when starting the gameup which takes no longer then a minute or less at best, otherwise its virtually nonexistent and its even smooth upon dieing or failed mission

titans99992830d ago

GTA V is an amazing game! I knew this series would do well when GTA 3 came out because I loved the old top down games! Other developers should take notice! Now if only Rockstar could put in space into GTA V, and make another red dead game!

tweet752830d ago

GTA V is an amazing game sure its basics are like past GTAs but refined and so much more added than ever before.

manaxknight12830d ago

i think the graphics on GTA V are the best out of the series and its very polished..its fun to play!

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