Ouch - Gamers demand Takedown Red Sabre be removed from Steam

Some gamers are up in arms over the release of 505 Games' tactical shooter Takedown Red Sabre which released on Steam yesterday and is coming to consoles.

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Eonjay2065d ago

Yeah people feel screwed if they pay for garbage. I support this stance. After all, they could be demanding refunds in mass.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2065d ago

They could do the same thing they did with WarZ, refund everyone and remove the game from the store.

Pintheshadows2065d ago

Just seeing the title 'WarZ' makes me feel sick. That game should of been cancelled violently with a coathanger.

1nsomniac2065d ago

Wow the AI really does look awful!

Angeljuice2065d ago

Is that 505 games or SOS games that developed this?

STK0262065d ago

Well that sucks, as the game looked very interesting to me at first, as it reminded me of the older Tom Clancy games. Hopefully they turn it around with a few patches.

JsonHenry2065d ago

The videos they showed looked like the second coming of Raven Shield. I almost bought till I hit the forums.