Crytek wants to use existing open street map data for video game environments

German video game developer Crytek has challenged developers to build software that can integrate open source street map data into video games in order to save development time and ease rendering of open world environments.

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Finch3816d ago

I had this same Idea when I first used GPS. The lay out is there just need to put it into a game. Then maybe add in Google streets and you have all the houses and layout of the land in place. Just need a generator to put it all together. Always wanted to drive to my house in game and around my City.

Visualift3816d ago

Having access to this data would definitely help developers who are looking to achieve a true sense of scale in their open world games.

HarryB3816d ago

Omg your talkin about massive scale gaming. That's like putting the entire city of new york which will take more than a year to cover every block every street and every house stret lamp lol. Games will cost a lot more than todays games.

KonsoruMasuta3816d ago

Well, technically it would use less development time and probably money.

My question is can the cloud support streaming that much data at once (They plan on pulling this off with cloud). You're talking about massive, detailed, and living cities. Cities that are more detailed than anything you've seen in any game thus far.

deadfrag3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

With the right tools it will actually take less time to render open enviroments!The tool set can be expensive to build but developers will recoup the money spend on the faster development builds of games.What can happen is more games been made in less time but with less quality also.A market flood with games will end up a bad market were only the strong will survive;and the close of many developers will most likely end sooner than latter.

Stsonic3816d ago

This has already happened and it's what we like to call "life"

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25 Most Played / Supported Adult Games of 2024

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Petebloodyonion18h ago

I guess these companies didn't call Sweet baby inc. for help.

Yui_Suzumiya17h ago

Don't forget Nukitashi 2 which just came out 😆

notachance17h ago

I bet this is gonna be one of those article which gets to hot even though there's only a few comments because people are too busy clicking the link 🤣

VincentVanBro3h ago

One of the best freedoms, the freedom to be horny.


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