Shin’en: If devs have a hard time making great looking games on Wii U, not the hardware’s fault

"In a recent interview with Manfred Linzner of Shin’en, the developers of Nano Assault Neo, the developer stated that if developers are having trouble making Wii U games look great, then it is the developer's fault, not the Wii U's. This comes after Nano Assault Neo was met with critical acclaim, often regarded as the best looking Wii U game on the market" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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PopRocks3593424d ago

Considering Nano Assault looks superb for a downloadable game, I think these guys have every right to talk. Wii U is not the Xbox 360 people keep making it out to be.

BlackWolf3424d ago

I really like the way this guys speak in defense of the Wii U. They speak with the experience they have gained from developing with the console. I'm confident that this guys know what they're talking about.

PopRocks3593424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I would say so as well. Nano Assault Neo looks very impressive for what is practically a Wii U doanwloadable launch game. It has particle effects, physics, lighting, a great and detailed art style and it runs at 60fps (not sure what resolution it is rendered at though).

I would argue Nano Assault looks better than a lot of 360/PS3 games and it already performs a lot better than most as well. Most people writing off Sin'en's experience with Wii U probably never played the game.

n4f3423d ago

no i prefer to believe random strangers in n4g, they have way more experience

ritsuka6663424d ago

Nano Assault Neo is a underrated gem of Wii U, people should look fot this amazing game.

Murad3424d ago

I was actually looking up pics for the title and realized that it reminded me of Sin and Punishement and I like the overall coloring of it. Definitely looks like something I might pick up if i ever buy a Wii U.

badz1493424d ago

It's kinda funny when Wii U fans are arm in arm over this. It's almost ironic that for many years now people are blaming the PS3 for all the bad ports and games with mandatory install instead of the devs.

Venoxn4g3424d ago

yea, they are since DS and all their games are graphical benchmarks and with good gameplay, i love shinen

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LOL_WUT3424d ago

So basically this guy has only made a downloadable game on the Wii U as opposed to a full blown retail game? Maybe I'm the only one but I would like to see this guy prove is wrong on the Wii U and no with an eShop game. ;)

X1PS4WiiU3424d ago

You're implying that you know the limit to this guys knowledge based on an assumption.

deafdani3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

LOL_WUT, just because a game is downloadable doesn't mean it can't be amazing (yup, I just used a double negative)!

I have Trine 2 on Wii U, which looks stunning, and according to Frozenbyte (that game's devs), the Goblin Menace expansion that they included on the Wii U version was absent from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions because those consoles couldn't handle said expansion without a serious graphical downgrade. (Yes, the Goblin Menace looks spectacular, even better than the main game, which is already serious eye candy).

And according to pretty much everyone who has played it, Nano Assault Neo is an absolute looker. Of course I don't know because I haven't played it myself, but if there's so many people saying it, it's probably true.

Being downloadable means nothing nowadays. A game can still be pretty demanding for a system even if it's not a full blown retail game. Trine 2 is a perfect example of that.

A lot of people here take you for an insufferable troll, but I think otherwise. You can be a bit extreme with your opinions sometimes, but I don't think you're ill-intended and I suspect you can be pretty logic and rationale.

If you can, I recommend that you buy Trine 2 for Wii U, if you haven't already. So you can see by yourself how superb a game can be both artistically and technically, despite being digital-only. On top of that, it's a great game as well, it's not only eye candy, and it even has online play. Maybe we could play together, even.


PopRocks3593424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Your buddy there told me in another thread that the Wii U is confirmed to be only on par with the Xbox 360.

I don't see how anyone that isn't a troll can maintain such an opinion after Need For Speed's Wii U port. Or Nano Assault Neo being run on Wii U and not the former for that matter. Or Crytek confirming their latest engine running on all next gen consoles, including Wii U.

deafdani3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That's why I said a lot of people think of him just as a troll, whereas I think otherwise. It's a matter of perception, because LOL_WUT isn't as blatantly hateful as people like Hatsune_Miku, Mika, Maria Hel Futura, and the like. THOSE are the ones I consider bona-fide trolls.

But I see Lol Wut as someone who's pretty intense on its opinions, and exxagerates sometimes, but I've seen him also saying good things and valid criticisms about Nintendo. I think it's more his signature ";)" at the end of all of his posts that infuriates so much people, because it comes across as trollish pretty easily. :P

Anyway. Would you like to add me on Wii U? gurfinki is my NNID. :)

Brucis3424d ago

That downloadable game looks better than some full-blown retail games.

lilbroRx3424d ago

First off its not one guy.

Second, the individuals who make up Shin'en also work for other groups and have made games and software and a myriad of platforms.

Third, most of their games were retail starting with the GBA.

Gets your facts straight and stop trolling every good Wii U article with rabid fanboyish ignorance. Its so sad to look at.

Why do you fear Nintendo's success so much?

AKR3424d ago

Excuse me - But Shin'en isn't some off-shot indie developer. Their games are actually really fun. Remember - these are the same guys who developed Jett Rocket, Art of Balance and FAST: Racing League on the Wii through Wiiware. Those games look better than 90% of the system's retail games and that was accomplished with an insane 40mb file size limit.

Do you REALLY think they don't know what they're talking about?

XboxFun3424d ago

GTA V, TLoU, Gears of War 3 are downloadables too, does this make them any less of a game?

WhiskyWhiskers3424d ago

I am not understanding you bringing up those games either. I could understand if they were only digital titles but they aren't.

I am not agreeing with XboxFun or LOL_WUT before you people get all butt hurt.

I just don't understand how using retail games, that can also be downloaded as an example in all this when this was originally about digital games, not retail games.

Others made great points but this was not one of them. You know how many other downloadable retail games you could list off at that point? Way too many as to why comparing retail games to actual digital only games in that sense, makes none.

XboxFun3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Being retail or digital makes no difference in the quality of the title.

As LOL_Wut implied, because it's a digital title that it can't hold up to the production values of a full retail game which is absolutely false.

Any game can be made downloadable regardless of size or production value. Being one or the other makes no difference in the quality and polish of the game.

These guys have every right to state their opinion about the WiiU whether they made a full retail game or just a downloadable title.

WhiskyWhiskers3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That I completely understand obviously, the fact is those are retail games. What I am talking about had nothing to do with quality between digital and retail games but the fact you brought up retail games as if they were digital games only or something.

That is what made no sense and still doesn't. It is not the best comparison to make is all I am saying at least not the way you said it.

That is not how you had said it at first, if you said something along these lines like you can also download retail games, does that make them worse? Something like that. If that had been so, I would not even have bothered questioning your reasoning for mentioning retail games.

You should have just said what you told me now, in the first place.

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Murad3424d ago

I have a question; have you made a game? No, well, then you shouldn' troll another person. Computer Science isn't an easy course and people who can make a game of this caliber deserve praise; you on the other hand, I do not what major you've ever done or if you're a drop out, but I assure you, you're insulting someone that has worked harder than you to gain the rights to speak up, unlike you.

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XboxFun3424d ago

And that X looks absolutely stunning. The WiiU is more than capable, as I have said many, many times before the power has nothing to do with anything it's the games.

Software_Lover3424d ago

The wii-u is more capable then the X360/ps3. That is a fact. It just isn't selling well because of the lack of games and most devs probably dont want to think of ways to use that controller.

IMHO, there is absolutely no reason, other than no HDD, that GTAV should not have been on the WII-U. The HDD could've been the kicker and is probably the one thing lacking for devs. It might just be the underlying factor as to why they do not want to create games for it

b777conehead3424d ago

the hdd no excuse has the deluxe model has 32gb of internal storage. but you can add a external hard drive also. but if you buy the physical disk there should be no issue and on the 360 it lets you use a usb flash drive they could have done the same on wii u