Xbox One interface a clean slate inspired by Windows 8

The Xbox One UI also supports Kinect-based hand gestures, of course, which seem much more streamlined and integrated than on the Xbox 360. You wave your open-palmed hand in front of the screen to get a little pointer icon that creates a gentle highlighting effect over whatever option is underneath it. Close your hand into a fist to grab the interface and drag it left or right, or push your palm forward to gently select an option, as if you were pushing an oversized button.

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JewyMcJew2828d ago

iOS 7, Windows 8, Xbox One. It's a flat, texture-less, world.

nukeitall2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The modern thing is simplicity, not complexity and extra eye candy. You know extra cruft that other systems are doing.

I love the simplicity of my Windows Phone. Never crashes, fast and efficient to find stuff.

rainslacker2828d ago

Windows 7 was fine. Traditional, yet flashy enough for those that like big buttons and easy to see icons. Windows 8 UI is great for phones and tablets, but I find it rather lackluster for PC's where productivity is concerned. The actual operating system is fine though.

Not sure how I feel about it on a console, since I haven't tried it out. The move to simplicity seems more like a move to clutter in my opinion. So much space being taken up by so little. Waving my hands in the air and doing what is described to move around, while I guess simple, doesn't seem like it would be as fast as just using a controller. It's just another input scheme to learn, and I like the one I have right now because it's fast and efficient.

M-M2828d ago

"Xbox One interface a clean slate inspired by Windows 8"

I would have never guessed it.

gaelic_laoch2828d ago

I knew it! Windows 8 Lite! Fire up an Xbone and it becomes a cheap knockoff PC to the naked eye!

M$ have truly built a machine to troll people with!

Fergusonxplainsall2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Now you know why trolls are known to like the color green. Boom!

(bomb)Oh snap dance!

Leperchauns are trolls right!

Fergusonxplainsall2828d ago

In tonight's news.. I just barfed in my mouth,.Twice!

Microsoft is going to make waving cool again.
Just don't wave to people or they'll think you are waving them off. Shoo fly!

Can I just say Xbox rollover!
Then throw it a Bone.
And feed it me. While I float on a cloud spiritually.
Forever me and you Xbox... . . . ...

What is the voice of a Xbox when it tells me to go home?
Answer is Steven Spielberg.(walks home)

mcstorm2828d ago

What is it with people on here. Why s it a bad thing that Windows 8, Windows Phone xbox 360 and xbox one look the same and work in some of the same ways?

One part of the xbox OS is windows RT which going forward will let apps made for windows 8 work on the xbox one too and Microsoft are also going to have Windows Phone running on RT as well. By doing this it adds a log more + then - points to all 3 os's and devices.

Microsoft offer more services than Nintendo and Sony and people in the tech world have been saying for a long time the biggest issue Microsoft have is they offer lots of services but none of them are linked and until they can link them they will have issues. Now Microsoft are looking to link them all you now say you don't like it. Ok you might not like the look of the OS but that's choice I don't like the look of Android as it looks and acts to much like Windows Mobile and I had that 7 years ago.

The IT world is now also getting a simple look because we are getting more and more touch screen devices and having a simple look is the best way to use a touch device. This is the reason why Apple hit the ground running with the Iphone because it was the 1st simple and easy to use smart phone and the masses need this and that's what they like.

Thisisjuju2828d ago

Because Windows 8 is s#%t.

iamnsuperman2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

"What is it with people on here. Why s it a bad thing that Windows 8, Windows Phone xbox 360 and xbox one look the same and work in some of the same ways"

I don't like the Windows 8 look. Everything (not just windows) is becoming boring. It is like we have stepped back to the 70s with square boxes and bright colours (thinking we are being all modern). I like simplicity and a minimalistic look (the main reason I hate the Windows 8 phone os) but you can still make things look exciting and I feel both Sony and Microsoft (and every other os provides) have abandoned that. Big shame

edit: Side note/off topic but important in the relation to Windows, Windows 8 seems to be designed with touch screen as the only option. It is perfect for a touch screen device but everything else it isn't that logical. There is this weird idea that we must have similar looking OS systems across platforms which doesn't work. OS should be tailored (look) to the main input device. The big thing needs to be interconnectivity across platforms and not a similar looking OS system across platforms (difference)

nukeitall2828d ago

It's like Windows Vista.

Everyone and their mother hated it, so MS gave it a few years and re-introduced Windows Vista as Windows 7 and the herd loved it!

Point being, people don't like change period. They need time to process and get used to it.

Just watch Windows 9 is going to be the winner everyone wanted, even though it is Windows 8 in sheeps clothing.

That pattern has repeated itself gazillion times.

obelix012828d ago

Only people who don't like it are Sony fanboys who troll any X1 related article they can find. However if the ps4 did some if the so called "gimmicks" the X1 does, it would be the greatest most amazing, most magical thing in the world!

mcstorm2828d ago

I agree and nothing shows it more than when Sony announced that you can now use the pseye to launch games by voice and the fan boys were loving it. I like all 3 consoles and they all look like they will make who ever buys them happy and so we should be as we are gamers.

SegaGamer2828d ago

I ain't no Sony fanboy and i agree with what they say. The Xbox one and Windows 8 look is horrible, what is this fascination with square boxes these days ?

nukeitall2828d ago


as opposed to what other shape?

rounded squares?



rainslacker2828d ago


What's wrong with just icons? They've served us well for many years.

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rainslacker2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Our Point of Sale system at work just moved to this "simple" design premise just this week. What I see is everything that is relevant information is now hidden by massive buttons or over-sized container boxes, in a non-intuitive interface that shows only a fraction of the information that it did before when it was "complex". Ironically it was actually more productive and easier to use when it was complex.

I got the same vibe from Metro.

I have nothing against Windows 8 overall, it's actually pretty decent under the hood, just the Metro UI I take issue with, and MS insistence of making sure everyone has to use it. I do believe it's functional, and not bad at all on tablets and phones, or even touch screen laptops(or their ilk).

However, The Metro US is boring. The apps are not intuitive for a PC user that actually likes or knows how to multi-task, and it is a desperate attempt on MS part to bring the functionality and excitement of tablets/smartphones to the PC box years after that excitement has worn off. On top of that, compared to the customization of prior windows desktop UI's, it is extremely lacking, and requires an extra step to move from one program to another...a backwards approach to multi-tasking on a computer.

If MS wanted apps to run on the X1 they could do so without having them be part of their infrastructure, but the whole idea of Metro, and those apps that can now run on the X1 is a tightly controlled infrastructure laden with rules. This keeps the apps that MS doesn't deem fit to work on the Xbox, or windows, off of windows. It's the complete opposite of an open platform PC environment that MS has given us for decades, and it should not be lauded as amazing or innovative. If anything, it is just another way for MS to gain control of a marketplace, and we saw how well that went over after their X1 reveal.

It's their prerogative to put it on the X1 if they so desire, but that doesn't change crap to gold.

mcstorm2827d ago

I find it funny how people claim windows 8 sucks. Can someone give me a valid reason why windows 8 sucks?

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