Dead Rising 3 locked at 30fps

Dead Rising 3's TGS demo shows fixed framerate and co-op freedom.

In August, Capcom Vancouver showed off a new in-game demo from the studio's upcoming Xbox One launch title, Dead Rising 3; a demo that, for all its charms and over-the-top zombie killings, suffered from some pretty significant framerate issues. Producer Mike Jones promised that the studio was working directly with Microsoft on optimizing the game to solve the issue — fortunately, that promise appears to be one Capcom plans to keep, as those issues weren't present in the demo shown off at TGS 2013.

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lifeisgamesok2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Great news! 30 fps is impressive considering hundreds of zombies and all of the physics

The graphics look pretty good too :)

Gazondaily2829d ago

Yeah a steady 30fps in a game like this is great news (although I suspect that there will be some slow-down considering the massive scale of the game and things going on, on the screen).

PFFT2829d ago

Nope! According to Polygon there was no slowdown or screen tearing whatsoever even when the zombie horde became bigger and the zombie disposal attacks became gorier and flashier. The game still retained its 30fps and the gameplay remains smooth.

mkis0072829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Apparently they use variable resolution to make sure the fps stays at 30. Or was that a rumor?

JokesOnYou2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Hmmm thats good a solid 30fps is just fine for this type of game, its just nice to see devs not afraid of criticism all while they keep working hard to fix issues before launch.

DR3 with hundreds of zombies on screen, huge open world maps that are bigger and more detailed than its predecessors combined, all with no load times, co op mode, no time limit or optional time limit, weapon and vehicle customization, smartglass and Kinect functionality theres just so much to love all in one package which is why DR3 sounds like an amazing next gen gaming experience.

I cant wait to pick this up day ONE.

P0werVR2829d ago

This makes sense.

I was kinda wondering what fps DR3 would be. But knew that it won't be 60fps. INSANE scale of zombies in one go?! yeah, highly unlikely.

SilentNegotiator2829d ago

Now we need to know what the native resolution is.

Jack_Of_All_Blades2829d ago

I was excited about this game when I first heard about it, but the more I see and here about it I am getting a little less enthrilled about it. I am sure DR4 will be better as it will be later in the generation and games always look and run better further into a generation, too bad it's not for PC, but oh well.

ChrisW2828d ago

Unless your TV can actually support 60hz, 120hz, or more refresh rates, getting excited about a game having more than 30 fps means NOTHING.

And if your TV is more than 5 years old, strong chances are it doesn't have more than a 30hz refresh rate.

Eonjay2828d ago

The game is running much smoother than before. If you look at the screenplay though, there are fare less zombies than before. Before they had like 60 -70 on screen zombies at once, Now its just a few dozen at most. DR3 is currently the highest preordered of all the Xbox One exclusives.

pixelsword2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

This is supposed to be 72p right?

sonarus2828d ago

@ chris w i actually recently bought a 120hz tv for the specific purpose of the next gen consoles coming in so i would certainly be expecting to play a lot of 60fps games this generation. Granted its still a launch title and not all games need to be 60fps but anyone who has played call of duty will tell you how that frame rate pays off so lets not pretend like it doesn't matter at all

2828d ago
Army_of_Darkness2828d ago

Dude, every tv supports at least 60hz for the past 10 years as far as I know and it makes a big difference. I'm sure you can see the difference when you play a cod gave vs. Bf3 on consoles for example.

wishingW3L2828d ago

all TVs with color are 60hz minimum and 120hz/etc. is just a scam, an excuse to justify the price-tag of a more expensive display. 120hz TVs are just 60hz display with a post process that duplicates frames to simulate smoother motion but in practice it only increases the amount of latency by a lot.

When buying a TV what you should look is for the quality of the panel. As of now there is nothing better than IPS for LCD's.

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Blaze9292829d ago

definitely great news. Anyone complaining wasn't interested in this game to begin with and just trolling - because if you were, you'd know how terrible this game was running just a few months ago with everything its doing.

Blachek2829d ago

To anybody that might complain about 30 FPS, watch gameplay and tell me it doesn't look smooth enough.

Let how a game looks & runs be the barometer for how it looks... and runs. Not some FPS or 720 vs 1080 statistic.

wishingW3L2828d ago

after playing sub 30 frames games on consoles since the 90's any consistent frame-rate will look smooth. XD

It's like after playing on 480i for so many years even 720p looks mighty impressive but now we want 1080p on every game.

DoubleM702829d ago

You mean thousands of Zombies :)

LackTrue4K2829d ago

Is this game open world??

How many fps are on GTA5,

whoyouwit042829d ago

"How many fps are on GTA5"

It doesn't matter because GTA5 doesn't have thousands of AI on screen at once.

HaMM4R2829d ago

Not that I agree with onyoursistersback in any way, but to GTAs credit even though it doesn't have thousands of AI on screen at once it does run on current gen consoles which is something that I highly doubt DR3 will be able to do. A solid 30fps is more than enough for the style of game and hopefully it will have a 1080p native res. Its titles like that which make me wish I had the money for PS4 and xbox one.

MRMagoo1232829d ago


There is no I in the DR3 A.I lol the zombies are about as non intelligent as an NPC can be in a game.

dale_denton2829d ago

so much screen tear waiting to happen lol

Bobby Kotex2829d ago

You xbox fanboys are freaking ponderous sometimes. 30 fps is nothing to be excited about.

Ragthorn2828d ago

Lol you are a Sony Fan boy, 30 FPS is really good considering the amount of stuff going on screen. If you think you can do better go ahead and try to do it at the same graphical fidelity and amount of stuff going on screen. Go on do it since you think thats an easy task.

SDIII2828d ago

Love it when Xbots try and defend their precious inferior console lmao. Come on guys just admit it, the ps4 does EVERYTHING better. I bet this game would run at 60fps on the ps4.

RAFFwaff2828d ago

what? Like Battlefield 4......

BallsEye2828d ago

It was said even a 1000 zombies wthout slowdowns in newest build. Great for a launch title I say!

sklorbit2828d ago

As a person who doesnt have a problem at with 30fps, I have to say this is not "good news," merely acceptable.

It is acceptable, because anything less would be unacceptable, especially for next gen. Also to be honest while the game does look great, it isnt the type of next gen game that will blow people away graphics wise.

snipab8t2828d ago

Why would people disagree this?

Ps4Console2828d ago

I thought 30fps were well & truly over come on it's supposed to be next gen & they promised us 60fps last gen , we were getting 30fps on the orginal Xbox & Ps2 what is up gamers .

kewlkat0072828d ago

I think I want a fun game for my first game with the Xbox One and I will get this game...

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Hufandpuf2829d ago

Good job. I'd be pissed if I bought the game and it stuttered all over the place.

n4rc2829d ago

Gee... 60fps and 1080p is the invisible marker for next gen huh?

I had counter-strike running at 1600x1200 @ 100fps back in what? 2000?

It means nothing except to people that flock to near meaningless stats... Like people that hunt for the highest megapixel camera or the highest wattage speakers thinking it muat be better because one number is bigger!

You make marketing so easy.. Lol

ShwankyShpanky2828d ago

Counterstrike always was a graphics-intensive game, after all.

n4rc2828d ago

Lol.. OK I'll give you that one.. Still the best fps ever made

But my point was... Its a weak argument, most people can't even tell the difference between upscaled or native 1080p..

And every single game can run 60fps or above if they kept worlds andddetails smaller... Games that need to be 60fps are. Others benefit from the prettier side or the coin

MineHaxx2828d ago

The human eye can see about 20fps,It can also see at 300FPS,But then some parts of our body needs to be shut down.

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