10 must have games $20 and under

Good games don’t come cheap these days, but there are a few must have games that won’t cost you more than $20!

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360ICE2824d ago

What are you talking about? Good games come incredibly cheap these days. Cheaper than ever, in fact. Humble Bundle. Steam sales. PlayStation Plus. Indies. App Store.

Xof2823d ago

Console gamers have it as bad as ever, though. Sony will occassionally do a decent sale, but not all that often, and Microsoft and Nintendo hardly ever do.

GameBlinx2823d ago

Yeah you can't really compare indie games to console games like that. It is a different quality of "good" games.

TekoIie2823d ago

Well MS arent needed for the sales. Just go to a retailer when the price goes down.

Ninty on the other hand... Lets just say 3DS launch titles rarely receive significant price drops :/

Murad2823d ago

@GameBlinx: Have you played Rogue Warrior? THAT GAME doesn't even deserve to be on any platform at all. I can promise you, there's over 400 indie titles that are far better than that game on "consoles".

360ICE2823d ago

No, they don't. Game prices haven't gone up for two generations, while production costs are at an all time high. They haven't even been inflation adjusted. A game like GO! Sudoku would have been full price retail on PS1 and PS2, while now you can just download it for 5 dollars.

And of course, PlayStation gamers have PlayStation Plus which basically gives you 100 times your money's worth back.

Gamers complain far too much. This is the only industry where you can get hundreds of hours worth of entertainment without hardly even paying a dollar. Legally, anyway.

Xof2823d ago

I'm astonished I'm getting disagrees.

@GAmeBlinx: I'm not comparing indies to anything. I'm comparing AAA-budget PC releases versus AAA-budget console releases.

@360ICE: Both of those points are wrong. Gaming MSRPs have gone up, and production costs are at a (massively) all-time low due to the proliferation of digital distribution.

On the PC platform, that savings is transferred to the consumers, but that is not the case on consoles, where consumers are asked to pay the same price as retail in most every case.

360ICE2822d ago

I'd love some sources for that. I really can't understand where you get that from, or how it even could be right.

First of all, production costs are at an all time low? Since gaming started? When the average price of a game was the monthly payments of two guys and a garage? And even if we only count recent years, you're staggeringly mistaken.

"The average price of producing a video game slowly rose from US$1–4 million in 2000 to over $5 million in 2006, then to over $20 million by 2010." from Wikipedia, but just look that up anywhere or even look up "common sense". Most popular games these days are made by huge teams of fairly well-payed people, who have access to high-end equipment and facilities.

Here's a pretty good suggestion about where the actual retail price have been going over the years, and why suggested retail price is not a
particularly good example in this case:

At least give me some sources if you're going to make completely outlandish claims.

Xof2822d ago

I wrote a long response but deleted it because you're trying to drive me off-point.

The point was that games on the PC platform pass on the savings of digital distribution to the consumer. This is why that whole thing with Steam discounting AAA titles to 75% off a few months after release is, you know, such a big thing.

And the other half of the point being that, for no good reason, those savings are NOT transferred to the consumer on consoles.

This is not something that is up for debate.
This is not something anyone can legitimately disagree with.
It is objective fact.

Which is why I find it so baffling that literally EVERYONE is disagreeing with me. The hell? Did I fall asleep for a century and miss Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft offering savings even remotely comparable to Steam sales? Really?

360ICE2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

You know, no one (as of now) has disagreed with the comments where you said that on PC the savings are passed on to the consumers, but not on consoles. If that was your point to begin with, try writing that in the first comment.

I'm guessing what they disagree with is that console gamers have it as bad as ever. Which is what you said. First comment. First sentence. And what I responded to. Try taking a look at where you're going, before you claim that I'm driving you off point.

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Irishguy952823d ago


Oct - Far cry 3, Dragons Dogma, Street Fight X tekken. And some others/

Can't believe what a bargain Ps+ has been.

GameBlinx2823d ago

PS+ is definitely a good deal, but of course you can't always get the games you want on there.

Murad2823d ago

I can't entirely say it's a bargain, but I can say it's a good deal for those that are finding themselves renting games quite a bit, which is something I don't do too often...

CanadianTurtle2823d ago

I consider Fallout 3 and Fallout NV to be a "steal" considering how much content you get for such a cheap price.

GameBlinx2823d ago

I agree with you on that. I play Fallout 3 all the time and I am still enjoying it.

Ragthorn2823d ago

OMG Those games are epic, I bought Fallout 3 twice, launch window, and goty edition. When I started going towards PC gaming, I bought FNV recently and did almost everything in it, and I only payed 23 dollars (at the time of the steam sale). Those games I would not mind one bit paying full price.

SonyStyled2823d ago

just snagged gravity rush based off word of mouth and a pretty fun demo

Hicken2823d ago

Very good game, and the sequel appears to be on the horizon.

Godlovesgamers2823d ago

Good for you Hicken, talking about a game you've actually played! See, it's not that difficult is it!?

GameBlinx2823d ago

The sequel is on the way so now is a great time to play through it!

ninjahunter2823d ago

I would say Valkyria chronicles 2, but sony's draconian regional policies make it difficult to get on a vita.

Hicken2823d ago

It's not Sony's regional policies.

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