IGN: Some MGO Beta Keys Invalid?

Earlier today, IGN posted a quick news piece regarding the availability of the Metal Gear Online beta. Originally scheduled for download on April 17th, the file for the beta and its update are currently available. While it wasn't possible to create Konami IDs because the portal and website are down, it appears that there's a much larger problem – some beta key owners don't have a full key to acquire the beta files.

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will113837d ago

thats why i stayed with 360 and did not get a unstable PS3

kornbeaner3837d ago

Why do you care, since your precious system will never, ever have this game.

will113837d ago

dont cry, please, we have in game chat and messaging, sony is still years behind xbox

SIX3837d ago

I'm one of them. I've emailed the help support and apparently they have been really good at helping others with the same problem. The code that I have has only 9 digits. It should have 12. Hopefully tomorrow they will send me a working key.

3837d ago
PirateThom3837d ago

This isn't a PS3 issue, it's a Konami issue.

juuken3837d ago

Will, what a way to bash the PS3. It's Konami, NOT Sony.

Skerj3837d ago

Besides IIRC correctly (and I so do because I was a part of it) didn't the last beta on the other system have glaring problems in the first 3 days like say oh NOT being able to play it because of the servers crashed? Ok then carry on folks.

egm_hiphopgamer3837d ago

was up you guys listen the same thing happened to me but then i did the letters in capitals and it worked so make sure you turn the letters into capitols just like it is on your beta paper ok you push R2 to switch the letters so that they can be in all capitals

jwatt3837d ago

This is why they gave everyone an extra week to download the beta before it actually begins. There is always going to be some kind of issue, slow downloads, broken keys etc. Plus it's Konami, I think this is thier biggest online project yet.

Before you go claiming it's a psn problem, it can happens on live too. The people who pre-ordered Crackdown Remember the difficulty they had getting into the Halo beta.

meepmoopmeep3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

i also had a 9 digit voucher that didn't work
i emailed konami this morning and got a new code from them just after noon.

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Sugaruby333837d ago

man the good thing about the "unstable" PS3 is that we don't have what you 360 fans call "The Ring of Death"!!!!!!!!!! we also get free online service. Ya, the server may act up a bit, but hey that's technology for yay buddy! and why you commenting on this? if you don't have a ps3 why are you looking up MGS4? i believe that is PS3 ONLY right there. your just an microsoft fanboy who riots on ps3 forums and stuff, shouting how great 360 is.

will113837d ago

RROD is a hoax put out by sony to increase sales...dumbass

jwatt3837d ago

I actually thought some people were exaggerating about the 360's failure issues until my friend and I had our 360s brake on us.

Obama3837d ago

So MS extended the warranty to 3 years all because of a hoax, what a smartass will11 is.

Sugaruby333837d ago

when i pre-ordered my special edition from gamestop i got my code which only had 9 digits. i then went to my account management, then to PS promotional codes and entered it in, the space has only room for 9 digits, i got the MGO beta option to download and i did, and is already installed on my ps3. so i don't know what the commotion is about.

Sugaruby333837d ago

im sorry your right there are 12 digits on my promo code

i feel dumb

i thought there were 3 sections with only 3 # in each section

Sugaruby333837d ago

whatever man, you have your opinions and i have mine, so just stay out of the MGS4 & MGO forums and news ok, microsoft-boy

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