PS3's 'Warhawk' Connects To The iPhone, Thanks To Xbox Live App Developer

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "We hope Microsoft returns to Live Anywhere at some point, but in the meantime, gamers are picking up the slack.

1337pwn, who developed the Xbox Live application for iPhone (also compatible on browsers, Blackberries, etc.) recently developed a "Warhawk" scoreboard application, too.

There's not much functionality to the "Warhawk" application yet, and it's only designed for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can view it through a browser just fine, though. The application is a little limited, however, because Sony doesn't have a community outreach program yet."

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DarkSniper3889d ago

Bringing the PLAYSTATION® 3 experience to Xbox Live is surely a great way for Sony to indirectly spread the awarness of PS3 being the superior online platform for this generation. Wheather it's Xbox Live or PSN, you will always have a Playstation experience.


Lord Anubis3889d ago

Very nice. I wonder if Home for mobile phones will allow for this kind of thing.

Ro11z3889d ago

just shows developer's can do anything if they put there mind to it

don't you just hate it when they limit them selfs we need more people like this i say

eagle213889d ago

Just waiting to see what updates or new hardware Apple will release by summer.

Ovidius3889d ago

Ok, a sony product, connecting to an apple product, because of a microsoft product. I don't know if it can get anymore ironic than this, unless nintendo and linux got involved..................

Shadow Flare3889d ago

it'd be more ironic had the game been Super Master Chief Brothers: Guns of the Patriots