Sony has posted a question and answer feature at its official Japanese PlayStation 3 site. Head over to IGN to read the translated version.

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andy capps4463d ago

Nice that it still supports 7 controllers. I thought that they were going to limit it to 4 for some reason. Why 7 I'm wondering. Why not 8?

Mr Pumblechook4463d ago

Sony said the PS3 is 100% compatible with ps2 games, this is not true if it cant recreate the rumble feature.

When will there be a dualshock adaptor to play Ps2 games?

andy capps4463d ago

How will you be unable to play just because a controller doesn't have rumble? The game is the same game. Whether you prefer rumble or not is another thing.

kmis874463d ago

I know gamestop is taking preorders for a controller adapter. Their website has it for five bucks. No official announcement from Sony though. Maybe a third party adapter?

x440Magnumx4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

So you dont have to spend $400 on controllers alone. o.o