PlayTM: Civilization Revolution Preview

What is it about that 'end turn' button which means you just have to press it again? Last time you glanced up at the clock it was 10pm, then 1am, then 3am, quick kebab break, then 6:35am, and by this point you're not sure whether you're still playing a game or whether you really are the leader of a civilization bent on world domination. Your arms ache, your coffee has gone cold again without you noticing, and sunlight is streaming through your blinds.

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TalzWhite3841d ago

Cant wait for this one :)

benny o klaatt3841d ago

two to four hours play through? hmmm....

i poured many an hour into civ3, and now ill be able to get home from work, play and complete it by the time hollyoaks is on e4?

gonna need a demo, maybe 4000 BC to 0 AD could sway me