Top 10 Xbox & Xbox 360 Babes

XBF writes, "One thing is certain in the world of videogames. That well known certainty is that sex and violence sells. In today's list we're looking at the women [on Xbox] who'll catch your eye and then black it if the mood strikes 'em. They're fun to look at, but can kick your [butt]. Did we pick the usuals? That's not our style."

It contains some surprising picks, which the author explains as "wanting to change it up".

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GunShotEddy3837d ago

If it was ONLYs, that would be one limited list. lol

vgn243837d ago

That one in the picture - Lien from KoF - is WOW. I can say that cause she's multiplatform. ;)

Never heard of the Outlaw sports girls. Nice though

BeaArthur3837d ago

What a pathetic list. Good thing I don't play games to look at girls. Since when is an interactive hologram considered a babe?

fenderputty3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Someone out there must have a bottle of lotion handy at the computer at all times.

I have no idea why people care about such things. There's been a slew of "virtual babe" or "sex in games" articles in the last months. The articles are at least good for a laugh.

Still ... as much as I don't give a damn about a virtual boobie, I would much rather see attractive women in video games then beastly fugly ones.

BeaArthur3837d ago

fenderputty...and as usual the person who disagrees doesn't have the stones to tell me why they disagree. I mean come on, it's a crappy list. As far as hot girls in video games go, it's pretty pathetic. I can think of a few off the top of my head that would be more deserving.

vgn243837d ago

Was thinking the same thing. These "women" aren't real. Sure it's nice to see "big ones", but remember guys - They're faker than most racks in Hollywood. They don't exist guys. *grabs lotion* j/k

fenderputty3837d ago

I need to get my GF a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts and a skimpy plad top.

#8 Harley reminded me of this.

Role Playing FTW!


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Iron Man 23837d ago

LOL these Xbox/Xbox 360 babes aren't even exclusive,how sad,Nariko,Elena Fisher,Rachel Parker,Ellen etc. are all Playstation exclusive babes,way hotter and smoke all these Xbox/Xbox 360 b*tches combined! this reminds me of the Xbox 360's very few good games being on the PC also...LMFAO!XD

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