Xbox 360 Fall Update Details - Available Oct. 31st

Beginning the morning of Tuesday October 31, owners of the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft will be able to download a free system update that will provide more than 85 new features and enhancements, including support for native 1080p games and movies, faster Xbox Live Arcade game list display times and even more choices when it comes to video playback options.

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Sphinx4464d ago

These updates are friggin sweet!

richie007bond4464d ago

awesome,about time to ive been waiting for this update since it was announced lol the XBOX 360 the first 1080p console to hit the market, ps3 what lol

ACE4464d ago

one less thing the ps3 has over the 360, now its left with nothing :)

power of Green 4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

We still have to wait for the HDMI cable to put that flamage out. It's comming muhahahaha. 360's not future proof? universal digital ports & upgradable software, you can't make a console anymore future proof. Welcom3 chang3 and to the future of gaming JUMP IN.

shotty4464d ago

HDMI will be out later next year. The reason it not out now is that they don't want customers to think they need HDMI to use the HD-DVD add-on, which is true.

shotty4464d ago

Update look nice, can't wait to put movies on my USB stick and watch them on my xbox 360 in HD. Muaah

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The story is too old to be commented.